Correct spelling for IB

We think the word ib is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ib

  • ab Huic erat filius Hildebrandus, miles strenuus, ab ense sic dictus.
  • bb bb Fine Arts.
  • bi A photograph caught his eye; a large group at his Surrey Aerodrome, young officers clustered round a bi-plane that had just landed.
  • bib At breakfast he pushed away his plate, and would not let Margie fasten on his bib, and seemed very unhappy.
  • fib Or why should you make little Flora Buttercup tell such a huge fib as to say, that she believes in the resurrection of the body?"
  • gb If each memory location holds one byte, the addressable memory space is 4 GB.
  • ia English: Wrist Mafulu: bodul' u' gurube [179] Kambisa: ia' u' gidiba Korona: - Afoa: - Kovio: -
  • ii 194, 196, 204; of Kilkenny, ii.
  • il Il pleure, il rit, il veille, et dort.
  • in Flowers in umbellate spikes.
  • io IO. O thou that didst dawn a common benefit upon mortals, wretched Prometheus, as penance for what offense art thou thus suffering?
  • ir Es war ein jungfrau edel Si war gar wol getan, in ainen schonen paungarten wolt si spacieren gan, in ainen schonen paungarten durnach stuont ir gedank, nach pluomen mangerlaie, nach vogelein suessem gesank.
  • iv 212. Cottenham, Lord Chancellor, iv.
  • jib Sprits were used instead of booms, and there was sometimes a short bowsprit, carrying a jib.
  • kb The ABC 80 was based on an earlier modular computer system from the same company and built around a Z80 and 16 KB of ROM containing a fast semi-compiling BASIC interpreter.
  • mb Pro Action Replay MK3 Fifth generation Sega Saturn Pro Action Replay Pro Action Replay 4M (with 4 MB RAM) Pro Action Replay 4M Plus (Same as the 4M, but with manual choice of the needed RAM) PlayStation Action Replay (1995) Pro Action Replay (1996) Action Replay CDX (1997) Action Replay 2 V2 (2001) [As Bonus Disc With PS2 Action Replay 2 V2] Equalizer Equalizer CDX Equalizer Extreme Nintendo 64 Action Replay Action Replay Professional (1999) Equalizer (Datel) Sixth generation Dreamcast Action Replay CDX (2000) Equalizer Extreme PlayStation 2 Action Replay 2 (2000) Action Replay 2 V2 (2001) Action Replay MAX (2003) Action Replay MAX EVO (2004) Action Replay MAX EVO (2009) Xbox Action Replay MAX Action Replay MAX 360 Power-saves (2009) GameCube Action Replay (2003) [Note: The latest Wii firmware blocks this on Wii consoles running in GameCube mode.
  • nib Neumann, Dr. R. O., 171 Nib, 15, 120, 128, *129, 130, 134 Nib, percentage shell, 133 yield of, 15 Nicholls, Dr. L., 55 Nursery, cacao, *33
  • ob " Ob course dey's gwine to plough for wheat," answered Uncle Isham, a little surprised at the question.
  • pb Trace amounts of Pb, Y, Zn, Zr, and some other elements are present in Rovno amber.
  • rb PCAF has also been observed to acetylate c-MYC, GATA-2, retinoblastoma ( Rb), Ku70, and E1A adenovirus protein.
  • rib There seemed to be a rib broken-well, that could be fixed.
  • yb YB SK Beveren started the 2014-2015 with new hopes and a lot of new players.
  • B Mr. B. Because you asked me, my dear.
  • It "Or is it .
  • Lib 97. For descriptions of other slides in Italy, see same author, lib.
  • CB Sir Frederick Willis CB KBE (16 March 1863 - 17 June 1946) was an English lawyer and civil servant.
  • IBM Many electric typewriters such as IBM Electric or Underwood Electric made carriage return to be another key on the keyboard instead of a lever.
  • IBO Ethnic groups: Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Ibo, Ijaw, Kanuri, Ibibio, Tiv
  • QB This game marked the first start for Nebraska QB Turner Gill and IB Mike Rozier, and the Cornhuskers finally came to life.
  • ID "Who at that time made up the court of King Charles the Second"- Id.
  • ie For the English-speaking non-specialist, a good reference work for quick information on IE roots, including the difference of ablaut grade behind related lexemes, is Calvert Watkins, The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots, 2nd edition, Boston & New York 2000.
  • old-fashioned Inside the large, old-fashioned country house, such as I had seen more frequently in Pennsylvania than in Virginia, we were introduced to "Mother," as a couple of young gentlemen who had been belated by the railroad mishap, and desired some warm food.

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