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How to spell ICLES correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "icles", it is likely the intended word was "articles". A plausible suggestion to correct this error would be to replace "icles" with "articles", which accurately reflects the intended meaning and spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell icles correctly

  • acres The farm was set on twelve acres of land.
  • aisles I walked down the aisles of the store searching for the perfect gift.
  • ALES She ordered a pint of ales at the local pub.
  • axles The truck's axles were heavily rusted from years of use.
  • circles We formed circles around the campfire and enjoyed the warmth on a chilly night.
  • clews She used her clews to get out of the tight spot.
  • clues The detective gathered all the clues and solved the mystery.
  • cycles She cycles to work every day.
  • gales The gales were too strong for the ship to sail through.
  • Giles Giles, who had recently joined the team, was eager to learn all she could.
  • ices The skater expertly glided over the smooth ices of the rink.
  • icicles The icicles hung from the eaves like jagged teeth.
  • icons My computer icons are really boring.
  • ictus Fatal attacks by animals are known as ictus.
  • idlers The park was full of idlers who had nothing better to do than sit around and gossip.
  • idles He idles by the roadside.
  • ILKS
  • ills The politician promised to solve the ills of society, but was met with skepticism from the public.
  • isles The isles of the Caribbean are known for their crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches.
  • Jules Sheila decided to call her sister Jules, after her favorite character on "The Office.
  • ogles I can tell that you're quite the ogles.
  • Oles Oles has a great imagination.
  • pickles I love pickles, they're my favorite type of pickle.
  • Scales I need to weigh the ingredients on the scales before I start baking this cake.
  • sickles The rash on my arm is going to make me sickles.
  • tickles
  • uncles I have six uncles on my dad's side of the family.

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