How to spell IDEAR correctly?

We think the word idear is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell idear correctly

  • ada "Very well," said his lordship, after taking Miss Ada aside and asking her if she thought she would be happy at Bleak House.
  • adar Adar, 12th month, sacred to the Seven Evil Spirits, 463; 15th day, sacred to Shamash, Malkatu, and Bunene, 685; compared with Purim, 636.
  • adder My innocent little sister was eaten by an adder and my mother was caught by a hawk, just after she had taught us to fly.
  • aide These the Naval aide scanned closely, after which he looked up.
  • cedar It had come from over Cedar Fork way.
  • cider Howard, a bit of this chicken-our own chickens, our own vegetables, our country cider-everything home-grown; and now to business, and we will settle Master Jack in a turn.
  • dear Oh, my dear, my dear!
  • deer 12. Quez, a deer.
  • ear And the other, moving toward Jack, leaned down a little and murmured at the ear of the outlaw: "Thanks, Pierre."
  • eat "Wolves eat a Chinaman!
  • eider Far away, by the open sea, there lives a pair of eider ducks, in an old quarter cask.
  • endear By continuing to make these the rule of our action we shall endear to our countrymen the true principles of their Constitution and promote an union of sentiment and of action equally auspicious to their happiness and safety.
  • ida Meantime, while I was hammering the paper into shape, Ida Mary had settled the doubts of the homesteaders who feared that a slight young city girl could not handle a frontier school.
  • idea He has no idea that I have come.
  • ideal In the meantime it is our duty to keep our ideal steadfast.
  • ides In the yere 1187. deceased Godred king of the Islands, vpon the 4. of the Ides of Nouember, and the next sommer his body was translated vnto the island of Hy.
  • idler It was evening and the beach was forsaken; cartmen, fishermen, boatmen all gone, and I was the only idler left on the rocks; but the tide was coming in, rolling quite big waves on to the rocks, and the novel sight of the waves, the freshness, the joy of it, kept me at that spot, standing on one of the outermost rocks not yet washed over by the water.
  • ode The confusion was complete; the whole economy of the table disarranged-the company broke up in most admired disorder-and "vulgar minds will never know" anything more of Miss Simpkinson's ode till they peruse it in some forthcoming Annual.
  • oder Ven it bees morning, and ze vater not come vay high, and ze vinds not blow, von oder ship come dare vot have not ze sail, but ce have von big fire, and all ze time ce go, burrh!
  • order I shall have to ask her to keep you all in order together."
  • rider He fired at the spot where he conjectured the rider must be, and a yell told that he had not missed his mark.
  • tear I was deeply moved, and in spite of myself a big tear rolled down my face.
  • udder Mahs' Junius comin', all by hese'f, an' I done sent de udder gemman clean off, kitin'!
  • Hider The seeker designates where the ray enters the black box and the hider (or computer or book) announces the result (a "hit", "reflection", or "detour"/"miss").
  • Ideas Ideas are sure to come if we only wait.
  • Idem Vt flos in saeptis secretus nascitur hortis, Ignotus pecori, nullo convolsus aratro, 40 Quem mulcent aurae, firmat sol, educat imber * * * * Multi illum pueri, multae optavere puellae: Idem cum tenui carptus defloruit ungui, Nulli illum pueri, nullae optavere puellae: Sic virgo, dum intacta manet, dum cara suis est; 45 Cum castum amisit polluto corpore florem, Nec pueris iocunda manet, nec cara puellis.
  • DEA Dea. C. S. Davis, for School Furnishing, Tougaloo U. 25.00
  • Dar "I'se jest been dar.
  • Aida Now I have already put on record that the last thing on earth I desired was Falkner's company on the expedition I was planning-and the same still held good-and yet-and yet-he was Aida Sewin's relative and she seemed to take a great interest in him.
  • odder Sylvia was accustomed to finding Professor Kennedy's remarks quite unintelligible, and this one seemed no odder to her than the rest, so that she was astonished that Aunt Victoria was not ashamed to confess as blank an ignorance as the little girl's.
  • wider "Then I've got a plan," and Johnnie leaned toward his friend's ear and whispered something under cover of his hand, that opened the younger boy's eyes wider than ever.
  • ID Taylor refers to Rabelais also in his Dogge of Warre, id.

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