Correct spelling for IDELY

We think the word idely is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for idely

  • delay "Pardon me, senhor, I must not delay you," said the young lady.
  • deli The dish was first served in a restaurant under the name "Beef Manhattan" in a now-defunct Indianapolis deli in the late 1940s where it gained traction as a Hoosier staple.
  • dell These preparations, and the march of Temujin's troops to the place of ambuscade, occupied almost the whole of the day, and it was near evening before the last of the troops had entered the dell.
  • duly These, at any rate, were Margarite's orders, duly communicated to him by Ojeda; but Margarite will have none of them.
  • idea "I have no idea," Duncombe answered steadily.
  • ideal Most of his works are of a grave, somewhat melancholy character, and all of them are marked by earnestness of purpose and a high ideal.
  • ideally From the days of Rousseau who designated it as the one book to be given to his ideally educated child, teachers have appreciated its value.
  • idle It would be idle, therefore, to attempt getting off unawares.
  • idler By nature neither an idler nor a shirk, he was consumed, besides, with a desire to repay the kindness and hospitality of his hosts; and the old chief, his friend from the start, now became his captain, to whom he rendered the unquestioning obedience of a seaman.
  • idly He strolled idly through the grounds, farther and farther away from the house.
  • idol If you don't get the idol of gold I'm sure you'll have experiences that will be valuable to you."
  • idyll And yet, on at least two occasions, he rang sublimely true-in his denunciation of Webster, "Ichabod," and in his idyll of New England rural life, "Snow-Bound."
  • oddly Oddly enough, he is not really a steward.
  • orderly What could be more orderly?
  • widely Instead of seeing the doors widely unclose to receive him, he was allowed to stand like a beggar on the threshold; and he heard them shut against him, whilst the form of Somerset glided above him, even as the shadow of his buried joys.
  • Del It is in the Sala del Cambio that we gain a really new conception of his faculty.
  • Dilly Mayhap the Earl thinketh I am to train boys to his dilly-dally household service as well as to use of arms.
  • Idled She grudged him every hour in which he idled by her side.
  • Italy They went on and finally arrived in sight of Italy the next morning.
  • Adler The Lord Mayor in his robes of office, and attended by the officers and many members of the Corporation, and a vast number of distinguished persons-among whom were the Chief Rabbi, Dr. Adler, the Bishop of Bedford, and many of the Clergy of the neighbouring districts, Cardinal Manning, and Mr. Walter Besant-awaited the arrival of the Royal visitors.
  • Fidel History Will Absolve Me" (Spanish:"La historia me absolverá") is the title of a four-hour speech made by Fidel Castro on 16 October 1953.
  • Odell Nevertheless, I knew he was certain to have a good cabin, and I inquired casually of a steward on the promenade deck whether he had "Seen Mr. Odell yet?"
  • Adela As soon as dinner was over-and Sir Hugh and his satellite had left the dining-room to enter up the game-book, write labels for special friends, and generally finish up the business of the day-Lady Adela proposed a game of Dumb Crambo; and in this she was heartily backed up by the Lestranges, for Miss Georgie seemed to think that the mantle of Kitty Clive had descended upon her shoulders, while her brother evidently regarded himself as a facetious person.
  • Adele Madame Bathurst was most gracious, and appeared very much struck with Adele Chabot, and entered into conversation with her, and certainly Adele would not have been taken for a French teacher by her appearance.
  • idles Brutalism is the first album by Bristol band Idles, released in March 2017.
  • ideals The ice was perilously thin, for the lady is a high-spirited woman of ideals and I had to be careful to word my language so that it would not appear as though she were blackmailing.

24 words made from the letters idely

5 letter words made from idely:

ylide, leidy, deily, yield.

4 letter words made from idely:

lyde, idle, deli, idly, dyle, liye, deyi, yeld, diye, lied.

3 letter words made from idely:

lie, led, die, lei, eld, lid, dle, lye, dye, ley.

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