Correct spelling for IDENTY

We think the word identy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for identy

  • Didn't
  • Didn't you hear me, miss mary?

  • Dent(Definition of dent)
  • If it wouldn't shock father and dent the floor, i'd take you into the house with me.

  • Identity(Definition of identity)
  • It is rarely that i'm mistaken in the identity of any one."

  • Int
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  • Indy
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  • Ardent(Definition of ardent)
  • And yet it was perhaps by their help, after all, that roderick secured several mornings of ardent work on his new figure, and brought it to rapid completion.

  • Denote(Definition of denote)
  • Nothing seemed to denote hostility on the part of the natives, no person being visible, except those guards who occupied the king's divan.

  • Evident(Definition of evident)
  • Lady caroline, he judged, had nothing on hers at the moment, but so much beauty-for he could not but see what was evident-must have had its difficulties in the past and would have more of them before it had done.

  • Indent(Definition of indent)
  • Well, when i looked at it, it looked to me like it was just a real light indent.

  • Intent(Definition of intent)
  • "a very laudable intent.

  • Aden(Definition of aden)
  • They are going to have a fancy-dress ball on board, i believe, before we get to aden.

  • Eden(Definition of eden)
  • Jessie smiled softly, and turned a bright glance on my face, which said, more plainly than mrs. dennison's words, "i, too, have had a heavenly day, which will go with my dreams into many another day, making an eden of them all."

  • Advent(Definition of advent)
  • Rex was not the only one of the pells who was astonished by the advent of the darleys.

  • Ardently(Definition of ardently)
  • About noon we reached the distant town, and were met at the inn by him whom one and all so ardently longed to see.

  • Don't(Definition of don't)
  • 10,418. you don't know who the company were?

  • Dainty(Definition of dainty)
  • "oh, i shall tell them of a dainty little woman who know everything.

  • Tent(Definition of tent)
  • The black tent descended to the very ground.

  • Dint(Definition of dint)
  • Only by dint of the kindest words did he restrain a mutiny, encouraging them at the same time to humour the old baby and put up with his strange ways until he was restored to his throne, when, no doubt, he would make it up to them in many ways.

  • Identify(Definition of identify)
  • The good man is willing to be whatever he must be, for the sake of the whole with which through reason he is enabled to identify himself.

  • Into(Definition of Into)
  • Is he going into it?

63 words made from the letters identy

4 letter words made from identy:

tide, neid, dint, yeni, ynet, tiny, yeti, tied, nied, nyte, diye, dein, tidy, tend, diet, tedy, dyin, edit, dent, deyi, tiye, enid, tine, dyne, yien, tyin, dyen, endy, iten, teny, tyed, deny, nyet, tyne, dine.

5 letter words made from identy:

denti, ndeti, tynde, tined, tidey, diety, yendi, diyne, inetd, deity, dinty, tiden.

3 letter words made from identy:

dit, yen, dye, den, tin, die, yet, net, ten, tie, nit, din, ney, ted, end, ent.