Correct spelling for IDIAT

We think the word idiat is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for idiat

  • ada "I cannot get Ada Reinsfeld out of my head," Treurenberg rejoins, in a low tone.
  • adapt And when her uncle suddenly looks her full in the face to ask how she can adapt herself to straitened means, she calmly lays her band on the arm of her betrothed, and whispers, tenderly, "You shall see."
  • admit "I quite admit that you have; also that I'd sooner have you there than anyone else.
  • at She did not know him at that time.
  • audit Certain it is that it is but deferred to the general audit of every man's claims, for the hard and thorough work he has done to the generation from which he has passed away, but to which and to its successors he has left an example for them to emulate, and if they can-surpass.
  • dad However, he had to admit, though still doubtfully, Dad had gone through it even to the point of giving up his son, and those last few weeks with his adored wife, yet now seemed satisfied and content.
  • dart Mat smacked his lips voraciously, displaying two rows of firm white teeth, and made a dart at the little girl.
  • dat I suah does; I reckon I could find dat place in de dark.
  • data Table 19 shows the average, highest, and lowest rates per hour for all branches of the machine trades in the establishments from which data were collected during the survey, with the per cent employed on piece work and day work.
  • date There was little or nothing I could do for him at that late date and so I told him.
  • ddt
  • diet We were to eat in this area only for the first day, as, due to our weakened condition, our diet and amount was to be limited.
  • dirt He drew the article forth curiously, and looked at it under the glow of the electric light-it was a small silver handled pen-knife, such as a lady might carry, a rather strange thing to be discovered in a dirt alley back of Wray Street.
  • dirty I'm glad I'm not a big, ugly, dirty-handed, common boy.
  • ditto Here we fixed up all our packs, sold Mr. Bagot the wagon, and bought horses and other things; we had now twenty packhorses and four riding ditto.
  • ditty The puppy saw nothing incongruous in learning at the same time a ditty of love and a description of the plague.
  • dot Lemprun's estate had given as much more, so that Madame Thuillier's fortune, including her "dot," amounted in 1818 to ninety thousand francs.
  • eat "But I can't eat," replied the old man.
  • edict Many churches have been closed as a result of the edict concerning the separation of Church and State."
  • edit Why not edit it?
  • editor "Something just occurred to me," Rick said, after greeting the editor.
  • i'd I'd hate to have you see him then.
  • ida You know him an' Ida Benson are crazy to get tied, and it was to come off in the fall, but George won't be able to buy a new shirt, to say nothin' of a whole outfit.
  • idea It has a train, and-why, the idea!"
  • ideal To say the truth, the very personages are ideal, and have been formed out of the titles of the Deity: and the history, with which they are attended, related not to conquest, but to peregrinations of another nature; to Colonies which went abroad, and settled in the countries mentioned.
  • idiom Either give us true peasants or leave them untouched; either paint no drapery at all, or paint it with the utmost fidelity; either keep your people silent, or make them speak the idiom of their class."
  • idiotic Yes, I repeat-idiotic, idiotic!
  • iliad 25. 101. Pope's Iliad.
  • imitate And if his grandmother told them stories, he always interrupted her; besides, if he could manage it, he would get behind her, put on her spectacles, and imitate her way of speaking; he copied all her ways, and then everybody laughed at him.
  • india And I want to go to India once more.
  • indite
  • iodide
  • iota
  • oat
  • oddity
  • tat
  • Did
  • Ideas
  • It
  • Aida Further exasperated, Falkner began teasing Arlo, and this had the effect of wearying Aida of the situation.
  • edits
  • idiots
  • EDT
  • idiot
  • ID

15 words made from the letters idiat

4 letter words made from idiat:

5 letter words made from idiat:

tiida, aidit, aditi.

3 letter words made from idiat:

dat, tai, aid, ida, tad, dia, tia, dit.

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