Correct spelling for II

We think the word ii is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ii

  • ai A-na-on si Tak-la-yan na-is-ti-lo ai bolo Bin-no-lo ta bin-no-lo na-is-ti-lo ai bo-lo.
  • bi "Bloody" statute against heretics, 1539. Boards and commissions, growth of; must be bi-partisan.
  • ci In the works of Prudhomme and our republican writers, are inserted hundreds of letters, still more cruelly extravagant, from this ci-devant friend of Liberty and Equality, and at present faithful subject, and grand officer of the Legion of Honour, of His Imperial Majesty Napoleon the First.
  • gi 'And I'll gi' thee another,' she answered, with a vicious wag of the head.
  • hi Oree the chief, and his whole family, came on board, to take their last farewell, accompanied by Oo-oo-rou, the Earee di hi, and Boba, the Earee of Otaha, and several of their friends.
  • ia There are northern pecan trees at Charles City, Ia., which many years ago were brought there, but the information I have about them is that they have never borne.
  • ii 73-74, 153-156, 215, 221, 304, 327, 329, 459, 462, 472-474, 477-480; ii.
  • iii 62. 2; 61. 10. Zeller, iii.
  • il You must provide yourself with $10,000 in bills hidden in Saturday's Il Progresso Italiano.
  • in And I want to get in.
  • io To him the need for a border incident culminating in a forced purchase of Soviet Io did not seem as pressing as they thought, but they were, after all, specialists.
  • ir This word, as perhaps originally applied to food, may be from A. S. blaed, fruit of any kind; blaed, bled, also denoted pot-herbs; Ir. bladh, a part; bladh-am, I break.
  • iv 1-6, the princes, iv.
  • ix 508-9. Compare farther the remarks on Amos ix.
  • li Thomas Smith had once lived in a large island thousands of miles away from South Car-o-li-na.
  • mi I did not like to interrupt my narrative merely to relate a puma adventure, but during the time that I was with the Comanches, a Mexican priest, who had for a long time sojourned as instructor among the Indians, arrived in the great village on his way to St. Louis, Mi.
  • ni Vous allez m'oublier, et ne plus penser a moi-ni me voir.
  • pi a^2 + b^2 dU a^2 + b^2 dU [pi][rho]b^2 ----- - = ----- M'-, (14) a^2 - b^2 dt a^2 - b^2 dt
  • ri Niall's nephew, Dathi, also ard-ri, was a great sea king.
  • si La, si, do, re.
  • ti I can tell you that's a beau-ti-ful smell.
  • vi You just help pick up the wood, Vi.
  • vii 432, 'Quod fugiens civile nefas redituraque nunquam libertas ultra Tigrim Rhenumque recessit'; vii.
  • wi When our hands are join'd in love, Ne'er to part again, Mary, Till death ance mair his arrows prove And tak us for his ain, Mary; Then our joys are crown'd wi' bliss! In a hallow'd hour like this, We in rapture join to kiss And taste o' heaven again, Mary.
  • xii 1-4. The text of 1 Kings xii.
  • If And if it didn't work-it didn't work.
  • It "Just what do you know about it?
  • OI "'Ye choonfol Noine! Ye nymphs devoine, Shuprame in Jove's dominions! Assist me loyre, Whoile oi aspoire To cilibreet the Fenians.
  • WII For the Wii video game accessory, see Wii Balance Board.
  • ID Horace may say: Jubeas miserum esse, libenter Quatenus id facit; but few Christians can feel this towards another human being, though of another race, religion, and under another clime.
  • ie C2: administrative county of Cambridgeshire (1889–1974) C3: non-metropolitan/ceremonial county of Cambridgeshire (from 1974) IE: administrative county of the Isle of Ely (1889–1974).
  • old-fashioned The room was illuminated by a big, old-fashioned lamp that stood in a corner, its shade dripping with fawn-colored fringe.

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