Correct spelling for IMAGENS

We think the word imagens is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for imagens

  • Imaging
  • Vc is performed via computed tomography (ct), sometimes called a cat scan, or with magnetic resonance imaging (mri).

  • Imagines
  • Phorses told me that if one imagines a flock of sheep running and fixes one's attention upon it, the mind gets confused and one falls asleep, i'll do it ...

  • Imagoes
  • Imogene
  • Images
  • Melissa besought the marble images over the altar from the very bottom of her heart, never even asking herself why she was bestowing on this stranger, this cruel tryant, in whose name her own brother was in danger of the law, an emotion which nothing but her care for those dearest to her had ever stirred.

  • Imagine(Definition of imagine)
  • And how can she imagine that a servant would do it as well as you?

226 words made from the letters imagens

5 letter words made from imagens:

isnae, mesin, ganim, amine, agism, smain, enami, mensa, aming, aisen, mangi, games, genas, amens, meina, mesan, isneg, isang, senia, miang, image, egans, eiman, minge, misan, asing, seing, anesi, mangs, namie, ansem, egami, igman, minga, menai, senai, ngami, anime, amien, gmina, nisga, saine, miens, anges, nigam, aisne, ainge, gines, egmas, genma, magin, seima, ganem, saeng, aegis, singe, siang, magsi, magni, manis, masin, ginas, anise, emani, ganis, mings, smega, segni, sigma, emain, naeim, amies, sange, misna, anies, imane, magne, mange, amgen, semin, sinag, semna, ngiam, maeng, migas, minea, names, mengs, seman, geman, namig, sangi, meigs, siame, siega, iname, segan, amins, menga, masen, sengi, menas, means, mansi, genis, sanem, ganes, sagem, gasim, nasim, seang, manse, agins, nimes, mengi, menia, sagen, sigan, maine, saing, smena, meins, negai, angei, maige, sanei, samen, semai, gamin.

3 letter words made from imagens:

ies, ane, nag, men, igm, esm, aim, ige, gen, ani, ans, sin, min, gin, nig, meg, sam, ism, msg, man, nim, sen, ain, age, iga, gem, sag, emg, gas, mis, mag, mes, sea, mei.

4 letter words made from imagens:

ings, gaen, aims, agni, enim, sami, sing, mien, sein, gens, mesa, magi, anem, same, ages, sieg, snag, sang, engi, inma, ngae, gain, esna, maen, imae, sign, nige, smen, name, siam, main, sage, egna, inge, sane, egis, negm, sian, game, segi, nega, smin, mine, eang, mein, mina, gean, sine, semi, sima, asin, mane, nagi, seam, ming, inga, inme, egin, nags, emin, mean, gien, amen.