Correct spelling for IMEADITE

We think the word imeadite is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for imeadite

  • edit Mr. Garrison was the first person who dared to edit a newspaper, in which slavery was spoken of as altogether wicked and inexcusable.
  • edited Benjamin edited it a part of the time, and James a part of the time.
  • emaciate Her cheeks were pale and emaciate, and her forced smile only proclaimed more loudly the grief which was consuming her heart.
  • emanate Such Catholic works as the nineteenth century has produced did not emanate from Rome, and were little if at all helped on by her.
  • erudite But the erudite subject of women's hats should not be touched upon without a salute to that racy model which crowns the far-famed 'Arriet, whose Bank-holiday attire was so delightedly caressed by the pencil of the late Phil May.
  • hematite These ore bodies, frequently of great size, in some instances furnish evidence of having been originally lenticular masses of bog-iron ore, or ferric carbonate, associated with sedimentary beds, and originally concentrated, as already mentioned, at the surface through the action of water charged with carbon dioxide, but principally on account of the influence of heat have been changed to a higher degree of oxidation and now appear as hematite, as, for example, in the iron districts of the northern portions of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Ozark Hills, or still further altered as in the richest of all iron ores, magnetite, so abundant in the metamorphic rocks of the Appalachian region, about the Adirondack hills, widely and in extensive bodies in eastern Canada, about the south shore of Lake Superior, in Texas, etc.
  • imitate Advancing and retreating, turning and twisting, bowing and whirling, they imitate the moving lights about them and above them.
  • immediate It was the enemy's first serious disaster, and its immediate result was to check his progress until the Americans could muster strength enough to overthrow him.
  • impede That would impede them to a considerable extent, as they could only ride slowly and in zig-zag lines without danger.
  • indite Brilliant, yet also erudite, Profound, in facts, in diction light, Why failed its writer to indite An Index?
  • iodide For instance, it permits a patient whose kidneys have been demoralized by iodide of potassium to gain time and recuperate so that he can safely begin to drink iodide again!
  • irradiate But we learnt to know each other very thoroughly in that time, and the more I learnt to know her the more did I marvel what I had done to deserve one hundredth part of the happiness that henceforth was to irradiate my life.
  • mediate In vain did the Duc de Villeroy, Sully, and others of the great nobles, endeavour to mediate between them: reason was lost in passion on both sides; and once more Henry declared his determination to exile the Queen to one of his palaces.
  • Imparted He imparted confidence and vigor to the desponding and roused them to bold and noble action.

125 words made from the letters imeadite

3 letter words made from imeadite:

dit, ida, dat, dam, tea, mit, die, tie, mat, dia, atm, dim, tam, aim, ted, eta, mid, ate, tad, eat, mad, med, tai, tia, aid, tee, mei, ade.

4 letter words made from imeadite:

5 letter words made from imeadite:

etiam, maide, daimi, mitee, imedi, amedi, tamei, midea, aditi, taide, mated, itaim, amidi, teiid, meade, etmda, tamid, teide, idite, itami, eitam, eidem, tiede, meite, timia, matei, demat, timed, aidit, timei, demet, daime, edema, amide, ameet, dtime, admit, taimi, timid, media, imide, mitad, midia, daiei, atemi, diate, tedim, edite, teaed, medea, tiida, tamed.

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