Correct spelling for IMMEDITATLY

We think the word immeditatly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for immeditatly

  • Imitated
  • Some years afterwards she imitated in like manner the sounds of a piano and the tones of several members of the family who were fond of singing, in such a manner that each voice could be readily and distinctly recognized.

  • Immoderately
  • Astonished at his memory, she repeated the song of ladye alice and giles collins, the poet laughing immoderately till at the end,

  • Immediately
  • Had to leave immediately.

  • Immodestly

469 words made from the letters immeditatly

3 letter words made from immeditatly:

ted, ail, elm, lay, ale, dit, lie, lea, alt, aid, lye, tay, tai, die, tdt, med, mam, lit, mil, ade, dia, tat, lei, aim, ltd, lem, eld, may, lid, dal, eat, atm, tia, eta, lat, mya, lii, tit, mym, yam, dim, dam, mit, ley, mid, tea, let, lad, dat, mem, tam, tad, yet, day, yea, dle, mei, dye, led, mad, lam, ida, ate, mat, tie, ali, mal, tet.

5 letter words made from immeditatly:

lammi, iliya, atemi, dalet, imide, diaye, limma, aidil, limay, litte, taide, delay, admit, milat, tamim, melty, laidi, mitti, lyted, miami, mated, talty, medal, iliad, atmel, aylet, dyett, myatt, etail, miley, timei, imedi, amidi, laeti, dimly, malmy, amity, milet, mitya, dialy, itami, leity, malti, alide, yated, alite, talim, aldie, lammy, timia, maity, maide, yimei, maily, delai, mayde, madly, teyit, limei, tatem, leamy, altit, midea, mlady, ittle, mlita, timme, taite, milea, talmi, tidal, idyat, maeil, delam, mimed, ideal, milty, diety, dalem, liadi, dital, demay, tiled, daimi, yiali, mitta, yelda, laide, adili, timid, ettal, midia, media, tilia, titia, demat, mamet, tilea, amedi, atlit, lemmy, yield, dammy, ailey, milam, tamei, mitel, lemay, imame, yealm, daily, metal, matei, mitte, yamil, yatil, litai, mayil, dimme, amide, titid, etmda, talmy, lemma, tetia, imlay, ylide, ditty, telam, eatly, delta, tammy, adeli, tamid, eliad, tamed, telia, mitad, diate, malte, leidy, datil, meatl, eitam, midem, deily, mayed, etiam, meaty, titel, talei, limmt, layed, maymi, yalie, aditi, dietl, tedim, emami, atilt, tamil, dymal, tatel, detty, mayte, idyia, ditte, tilde, deity, malim, daiei, miyet, admtl, tmema, daime, limey, yemma, yitie, ttyad, timed, dealy, tidey, yadel, yidam, milem, mamey, mayle, timey, dalei, dtime, limia, elima, dlimi, taimi, lited, tiida, mylae, matey, mimid, mealy, litem, maili, dttml, title, milde, maley, medya, taiyi, aidit, tiley, limit, lamey, damle, milia, tidel, dimel, melia, lamme, itaim, matte, yamit, lidya, email, talet, teiid, meily, laity, talit, mladi, lamie, teyla, lydia, latte, idite, mlitt.

4 letter words made from immeditatly:

immy, iilm, temi, dale, dime, dame, matt, leda, ayte, meal, lima, imam, teal, mead, iyad, item, lite, daei, liet, aide, lead, tayi, diet, idea, tedy, teli, mayi, alii, meat, mali, eyad, yeta, yali, tety, ayim, ilet, tael, tate, titl, taei, dimi, deal, adit, ealy, yelm, yili, lade, mitt, mile, maim, midi, daie, lied, date, tied, liad, laye, tiye, liye, tidy, idle, lady, dayi, elya, deim, lyta, laie, eady, emly, yale, lemm, imae, leti, almy, teat, mmli, tail, yeti, tamm, emmy, elia, malt, ylem, demi, diat, leit, medl, yemm, lamy, idli, mlad, mate, dyal, emam, yeda, aidy, tide, itty, eyam, mild, tlte, edit, late, aldy, maly, milt, mily, maid, laid, lyde, meld, tati, tted, tale, deli, eday, dlya, tyet, limy, emit, myat, tyed, lyme, mail, idit, mite, dali, tiya, dyle, made, deyi, edam, teti, dail, dlim, titi, lime, lymm, tile, aiye, tite, dita, etim, mime, dial, dayt, tame, lame, melt, diye, mdma, idil, male, team, ayed, tiel, time, atle, lity, tilt, yima, diam, meta, laim, idly, yeld.