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How to spell IMPAS correctly?

The misspelling "impas" could be corrected by suggesting possible correct spellings such as "impasse", "impasto" or "impassive". These words all have different meanings and contexts, so it's important to understand the intended usage before making a correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell impas correctly

  • AMPS I need to buy a new amplifier with more AMPS to power my speakers.
  • GIMPS I'm going to try and get some sleep, but GIMPS will keep me awake.
  • imams We need more imams to guide the community.
  • imp The imp cackled mischievously as he knocked over the vase.
  • impair The car accident caused a severe head injury that could impair his vision permanently.
  • impairs Drinking and driving impairs a person's ability to make rational decisions and react quickly to avoid accidents.
  • impales The hunter impales his prey with his spear.
  • imparts She imparts wisdom to her students.
  • impasse The negotiations reached an impasse, and it seemed like there was no way to come to an agreement.
  • impasto The impasto technique involves applying thick layers of paint to create texture and depth in a painting.
  • impels The desire for success often impels people to work harder and overcome obstacles.
  • impose I cannot impose on you to stay and chat, I have work to do.
  • impost The man was arrested for attempting to enter the country with a false identity and an impost passport.
  • imps The mischievous imps cause mayhem wherever they go.
  • IMUS IMUS was once the most popular talk radio station.
  • limps The injured athlete limps off the field in pain.
  • pimps The homeless men are pimps who control the women.
  • UMPS
  • WIMPS I don't like being around wimps.

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