What is the correct spelling for IN?

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Correct spelling for IN

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Possible correct spellings for in

  • an Said Hitani is an artist."
  • bin After you reap the sugar-cane and rice, you will build a bin to hold the rice, and a sugar mill for the cane; after that you will make Sayang and that will make you well."
  • din The mystic poet Far'idu'd-din writes thus,- Joy!
  • en Maren started and looked swiftly up at him.
  • fin She gave it to me as a pledge of her love for me," and he being then turned to a great fish, swam to the middle of the river and there remained, only his great fin remaining above the water.
  • gin And I ain't sayin' nuthin' gin his honesty.
  • ia Thou hast done well, Maria ...
  • ii 177; "farm" of, ii.
  • il From the same to the same Wroote, April I, 1726. Dear son John,-I had both yours since the election.
  • in "I must go in alone, father.
  • ink For a day or two they were filled with nameless horror because the ink was red.
  • inn He was very wrath at first, but after a time came to the conclusion that he had better stay at the inn and have some supper, as was suggested to him.
  • io He wanted to talk about Io, about themselves.
  • ion You remember that it has two electrons more than it needs for every zinc ion which has left it.
  • ir Im Fall aber ein Urtel erging, dass sie darum weichen muessten, so sey er doch in Hoffnung, dass ihnen ein anders Ort und Statt geben soll werden, uf dass sie sich erhalten moegen: es soll ihnen auch bei solchem Abzug ein frei sicher Geleit vor iren Feinden erteilt, es seyn Hund Katzen oder andre ihre Feind: er sey auch in Hoffnung, wenn aine schwanger waere, dass derselben Ziel und Tag geben werde, dass ir Frucht fuerbringen und alsdann auch damit abziehen moege.
  • kin Ye kin call th' bulls an' turn me over ef ye likes; but I ain't goin' t' have ye fussin' an' causin' th' lady trouble no more.
  • lin The next visit Lin simply said: "Smell the jug and gin me a quart."
  • min It was the duty of Min Yung-ik, as General Commanding the right Guard Regiment, to keep the custody of the fire apparatus.
  • ni But, 'ni l'or ni la grandeur ne nous rendent heureux,' as we used to be taught at school.
  • on Mr. and Mrs. Briskow are going to look on.
  • pin An' we're goin' to pin on his blue ribbon prize."
  • sin And day after day she bore about with her the dread of having the story of her mother's sin known in her new home.
  • tin Into the inclosure the shining creatures shot,-pushing, crowding, and dashing over each other,-until the pen was packed with fish, almost as closely jammed together as sardines in a tin box.
  • un A good un at his books, I'll be bound.
  • win And what have I to win?
  • Inc John Paul Palmer, Charles Forrest, President, Palmer, Inc.
  • Ind Stern Ind asks more-her son's revenge is sure!
  • Ing Sa-die has got hold of grand-ma's bas-ket, and is toss-ing all the things out of it on the floor.
  • N The Miller of Abingdon, n.
  • Yin Then begins the fearful law of compensation, the Yin-Youan of the Buddhists.
  • INS Sigurd, however, who knew all the ins and outs of the place, sprang lightly on a jutting crag, and, putting both hands to his mouth, uttered a peculiar, shrill, and far-reaching cry.
  • Ian " Ian is a story good enough to keep until after dinner.
  • Ina Then An-ina go out, and sleep, sleep, and not wake never no more.
  • INT Any simple ALGOL 68RS object could be cast into a vector of characters using the spell operator: struct (int a, real b) c = .
  • INF U. S. C. T. 63d Inf. U. S. C. T. 38th Inf.
  • KN 457th Troop Carrier Squadron (later 457th Tactical Airlift) Squadron): 1 Jan 1967 – 30 Apr 1972 (C-7A Tail Code: KA; call sign Cuddy) 458th Troop Carrier Squadron (later 458th Tactical Airlift) Squadron): 1 Jan 1967 – 1 Mar 1972 (C-7A Tail Code: KC; call sign Law) 459th Troop Carrier Squadron (later 459th Tactical Airlift Squadron): 1 Jan 1967 – 1 Mar 1972 (C-7A Tail Code: KE; call sign Ellis) Stationed at Phu Cat Air Base, Viet Nam 535th Troop Carrier Squadron (later 535th Tactical Airlift Squadron): 1 Jan 1967 – 24 Jan 1972 (C-7A Tail Code: KH; call sign Tong) (detached to Tactical Group, Provisional, 6483d, 15 Mar 1969 – 30 Jun 1970) Stationed at Vung Tau Airfield 1 Jan 1967 – 21 Jun 1970 536th Troop Carrier (later Tactical Airlift) Squadron: 1 Jan 1967 – 15 Oct 1971 (C-7A Tail Code: KL; call sign Iris) (detached to Tactical Group, Provisional, 6483d, 15 Mar 1969 – 30 Jun 1970) Stationed at Vung Tau Airfield 1 Jan 1967 - ca 1 Jul 1970 537th Troop Carrier (later Tactical Airlift) Squadron: 1 Jan 1967 – 31 Aug 1971(C-7A Tail Code: KN; Soul) Stationed at Phu Cat Air Base, Viet Nam Royal Australian Air Force, Transport Flight Vietnam / 35 Squadron (DHC-4 call sign: Wallaby) Jul 1964 - Feb 1972 Stationed at Vung Tau Airfield, Viet Nam
  • ID I therefore print qui quod es id, although with some hesitation.
  • ie The cable car route is 2158 m long, resting on 10 steel pillars, takes 7 minutes and 15 seconds to complete (compared to 12–13 minutes before 1992), with a capacity of 1200 persons an hour in one direction and is composed of 33 cabins (capacity 10 persons and 750 kg) in anthracite colour except five of them which are coloured in red, blue, green, yellow and black ie.

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