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How to spell INCURE correctly?

The misspelling "incure" can be corrected to "incur", which means to become subject to something unpleasant as a result of one's own behavior or actions. Another possible correction is "encore", which means a repeat performance in response to enthusiastic demand.

List of suggestions on how to spell incure correctly

  • encore After receiving a standing ovation, the band came back on stage to perform an encore.
  • in curve
  • incur If you fail to pay your bills on time, you will incur additional fees and penalties.
  • Incurred The company incurred significant costs due to the unexpected delay in production.
  • incurs
  • injure The car accident could injure several people.
  • injured The injured bird was brought to the animal rescue center for treatment.
  • Injurer The injurer was arrested and charged for causing intentional harm to his victim.
  • injures The driver injures himself by not wearing a seatbelt during the crash.
  • injury He sustained an injury to his left knee during the football game.
  • inquire
  • insecure The young girl felt insecure about her body image.
  • insure I will insure my car against any potential accidents.
  • inure The bitter cold of winter will inure you to the chilly temperatures.
  • sinecure She landed the sinecure job of heading the fundraising committee.
  • uncured This meat is uncured, so it will not be as flavorful as meat that is cured.

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