Correct spelling for INDERCIATION

We think the word inderciation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for inderciation

  • Enunciation
  • There remained only its enunciation.

  • Intention
  • "that was far from my intention, dear child," he replied warmly, laying his hand on her head.

  • Intuition
  • We have not determined enough; besides, ordinary people had better act by intuition rather than by reason.

  • Intimation
  • I acknowledge that, with expressions of regret at my confinement, i received an intimation that duperret had two letters for me, whether written by one or by two of my friends, before or after their leaving paris, i can not say.

  • Intermission
  • They continued to work at the mound for seventy days and nights without intermission, being divided into relief parties to allow of some being employed in carrying while others took sleep and refreshment; the lacedaemonian officer attached to each contingent keeping the men to the work.

  • Indecision
  • He took one swift step after sothern, then stopped in an uneasy indecision.

  • Indention
  • Induction
  • The process of induction has ever been a great mystery in electrical science.

  • Initiation
  • "master," he said, "surely i am ready now for the second initiation."

  • Annunciation
  • The colour in the first panel of the "annunciation" is especially beautiful, and there is a noble simplicity in the composition, as well as a breadth and certainty of touch that give the picture great grandeur.

  • Indication
  • I quoted it simply as an indication of the sort of line i mean to take in my poem."

  • Intercession
  • "but your majesty has not yet named the holy saint at whose intercession this miracle was performed," said the marquis d'argens.

702 words made from the letters inderciation

3 letter words made from inderciation:

end, cad, rat, den, cia, nod, dot, are, ire, can, edo, cro, oat, tin, tie, aec, one, not, ice, air, iii, eta, neo, rio, ain, tri, ado, ion, ted, cot, ant, eat, tic, oca, eon, ore, roe, ten, inn, arc, rad, toe, tia, nit, nne, aid, tao, ate, tec, nad, oed, ode, era, ace, tad, oct, otc, ceo, rod, ane, cio, dna, tod, ern, ani, crt, ido, dit, car, nan, doc, ira, tea, tai, rna, die, ade, ret, dia, oar, roc, dec, ter, rot, net, con, ida, dat, doa, nrc, ect, art, act, tar, iod, tan, ent, cat, ton, din, doe, tor, ert, rit, don, nec, dre, rid, red, cer, ear, etc, ron.

4 letter words made from inderciation:

iiie, nerd, rido, iced, enad, reni, dart, cran, dote, doin, dent, node, iino, eoan, airt, core, code, cain, coat, taon, nice, rent, cord, nidi, doer, riot, nori, arno, cero, itno, none, dinn, edit, dero, nied, rani, doar, reid, oita, roan, ride, icon, dran, race, tire, naor, dant, etna, dine, aide, rind, rice, neat, dron, note, aire, otic, nona, trad, idea, noen, done, cite, tian, inti, erni, tero, cade, deor, treo, nero, card, dire, tord, toci, toad, iran, onca, coda, oder, raio, redo, darn, deca, orte, cora, dirt, trei, diat, near, onne, anio, ciao, dari, iton, tido, taro, nrna, once, rano, diet, cedi, tend, icao, nido, rand, neid, taco, daie, toda, trio, trna, dier, cane, narn, anti, tore, dice, reno, cenn, indo, toed, rico, cant, rdio, tide, dita, rain, aden, tine, dear, annd, dace, nine, cert, tiri, onni, tecn, nian, deci, odra, oate, date, torn, aero, donc, coir, taei, tean, itoi, nina, coen, acre, ecto, nard, tern, aoid, rate, orne, oran, rotc, iron, todi, tare, corn, orti, dior, onen, rite, acne, tiao, ideo, oeta, nodi, daen, toea, rote, cart, reit, narc, rant, dein, nano, reti, toei, coin, ried, rota, tier, cron, tera, idit, tiro, iora, tion, nein, tear, tarn, dint, oena, earn, inoa, aeon, idio, neon, nito, eira, oned, adit, norn, rend, tied, enid, toer, raed, cred, dean, dano, roen, ento, areo, iori, raid, care, enic, acid, odet, eini, iten, tone, inca, nato, noer, noce, dare, iota, orad, orca, cent, conn, noir, endo, inec, read, raie, acer, daei, cone, cote, rein, odin, road, ante, octa, arid, dane.

5 letter words made from inderciation:

airod, arced, cotan, crine, cient, danti, credo, canto, caion, cater, crean, corii, arico, caret, arone, aitor, aditi, anier, canio, cornd, cando, arcti, cador, citor, conti, anode, caito, citra, adone, danto, arine, danco, adeno, craon, daten, cairo, canoe, adret, atrio, danin, daini, aridi, atric, artec, crato, citie, acidi, arcot, actin, cinae, ciani, acorn, canon, cadet, cider, artio, atend, arent, corne, aneto, atoni, acrid, anido, coate, corna, datin, citro, cerdo, adric, carno, deair, crena, dacer, aoide, coria, adeni, aidoi, acide, cerat, dacre, caroe, aired, artin, corte, cidra, cinto, ceann, coder, crode, coati, aceto, actio, coted, coari, canno, corda, deira, acero, creno, aidin, atone, cinar, corni, ciano, anner, anter, croad, anend, aerdi, canne, centi, cerio, cored, aodin, canot, daito, danic, cioni, cinna, creta, coade, crate, ciena, certa, creon, cinta, canor, cadre, conen, cnote, carte, actor, antic, carni, ation, aidit, darco, aroid, coner, cenon, cirio, conne, acter, atire, acned, decor, caner, decir, crane, acone, cotai, cedar, adoni, areni, conta, anden, coire, ciona, dante, canet, aiton, croat, acier, anted, cairn, darii, crati, dance, ancre, certo, cedit, coden, adore, cinoa, daner, ceron, daiei, cerna, adorn, darne, crone, croan, cirta, cieri, deiro, cidre, corta, danio, canid, anion, cante, adire, caire, anine, anini, dairi, caton, cione, anino, ariot.