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How to spell INFCTION correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "infction" instead of "infection", don't worry! Autocorrect can be quite helpful. It may suggest the correct spelling for you, saving you from potential embarrassment. Alternatively, you may take a second look at the word and try to phonetically spell it out to reveal the correct spelling "infection."

List of suggestions on how to spell infction correctly

  • inaction The politician's inaction on the issue caused anger among his constituents.
  • induction The induction ceremony was a formal event where new members were welcomed into the organization.
  • infarction The doctor determined that the patient had experienced a heart infarction.
  • infection The wound was starting to show signs of infection.
  • Infections The doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat the patient's infections.
  • inflation The government is trying to control inflation by implementing appropriate monetary policies.
  • inflection The inflection in his voice suggested that he was angry.
  • infliction The infliction of pain on the prisoners was considered a violation of human rights.
  • infraction If you commit another infraction, you will be expelled from school.
  • infusion The doctor prescribed an infusion of antibiotics to treat the infection.
  • injection The doctor administered an injection of pain reliever to the patient.
  • unction The priest delivered his sermon with great unction, bringing tears to the eyes of many in the congregation.

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