Correct spelling for INFORMTION

We think the word informtion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for informtion

  • Involution(Definition of involution)
  • Moreover, in my own way, i have discerned in pure being the involution of all forms.

  • Information(Definition of information)
  • He did not dare speak to him; but now was the time for ismail to carry information to her, supposing that to be his job.

  • Conformation(Definition of conformation)
  • The ai is more indolent in his habits than the unau, from which he differs rather in his anatomical and osteological characteristics than in his aspect and conformation.

  • Informing(Definition of informing)
  • At the moment of his departure a telegram was handed to him-a few words from his mother, stating that they were glad to know his address, and informing him that his brother cuthbert had proposed to and been accepted by mercy chant.

  • Inflation(Definition of inflation)
  • And as our economy surges toward new heights we must increase our vigilance against the inflation which raises the cost of living and which lowers the savings of every family in this land.

  • Invocation(Definition of invocation)
  • It treated of death and its mystery, covering ignorance with a veil of religious hope, and ending with an invocation of infinite love so intense in feeling and expression that, beautiful as it was, esther forgot its beauties in the fear that the next word would reveal her to the world.

  • Infarction(Definition of infarction)
  • Evidence does not support a beneficial role for omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in preventing cardiovascular disease (including myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death).

  • Informational
  • Furthermore, product advertisements with informational content are labeled "public service announcements" and not included in the time restrictions; similarly with "this program brought to you by.

  • Infection(Definition of infection)
  • Even his impatient listener, hitherto incredulous, caught the infection, and in a tone of awe murmured, "yes?

    Or some small imperfection In my soul or in my head It might be some infection It might be a small imperfection or a clear case of misdirection

    – Give The Kid A Break by Alice Cooper
  • Innovation(Definition of innovation)
  • He did not adopt any innovation until it had become moral; and then he adopted it, not on its merits, but solely because it had become moral.

302 words made from the letters informtion

3 letter words made from informtion:

nit, for, nmr, ton, tom, fit, min, tin, trf, tri, moo, tor, mon, oto, tnf, imo, inn, fir, rit, nim, mot, rio, trm, oft, mri, mit, ron, rim, rom, ofo, ono, imf, omo, ion, too, rot, fin, fri, not.

4 letter words made from informtion:

fort, iton, foon, trim, iino, inti, fini, nito, iori, itno, finn, mfon, foro, fooi, oton, orno, omon, omir, omni, trio, moon, iron, itmo, itoi, foor, orto, tiro, torn, room, frio, norn, rono, onni, rift, orti, noio, noir, orio, mint, norm, foni, miro, mono, root, nono, otro, omit, romo, font, oont, otim, fron, tion, toor, moir, tono, frot, form, info, rimo, tiri, tofo, oort, onno, fitr, fmri, miri, mini, moot, foot, roof, noon, onon, mooi, nomo, imin, nori, moor, firm, morn, noto, ftio, riot, foom, ifri, monn.

6 letter words made from informtion:

monino, tonini, fonoti, nition, minior, nimrin, nonito, tomini, mitino, tiomin, infirm, fiorio, formin, motion, finton, forint, romito, ironon, frooti, inform, monnot, romont, minton, moroni, formio, nintoo, mornin, noirot, motrin, minion, triomf, tofino, romioi, tonino, firino, rootin, rotini, notion, nitron, tomori, monont, trofim, morini, torino, romiti, morion, tornio, motori, fomori, minoot, intron, forton, nimrit, tononi, finito, morton.

5 letter words made from informtion:

minoo, monor, firon, minto, monto, intro, otori, ninti, irion, minni, notin, foton, niton, imoni, fomon, timor, monti, rimon, miiro, tonin, ifrit, minor, morto, ofori, trono, finno, omori, fonti, ionno, infin, ifnot, torno, moron, imoto, tinio, finot, rofmo, otomi, minin, rofin, rioni, toori, orion, ronon, ntini, niort, morii, fitin, torii, imron, motoi, mofro, ritmo, noomi, omron, irmin, nimit, forti, mirin, norin, nitro, moroi, inori, trion, froot, monot, forin, nomoi, fonio, motif, firmo, mirto, forni, mitro, imino, timir, nimir, ntoro, noort, monon, fromn, forno, tmoro, onfor, innit, nooit, froom, iorio, troon, fitri, roton, orito, nooni, nimon, front, monir, fomor, infit, nimni, motor, inion, moinf, toron, itfor, nimri, nioro, onion.

7 letter words made from informtion:

fiorito, infront, fortoin, nioform, fiorino, frinton, tromino, frontin, trionfi, montini, monitor, nonform, fortini, monfort.