Correct spelling for INSENT

We think the word insent is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for insent

  • Insert(Definition of insert)
  • Cut off just the tip of the nut-the pointed keystone of its gothic arch-with a penknife; insert the blade ever so slightly, and a gentle turn splits the shell and shows two onyx-white hemispheres of kernel.

  • Instant(Definition of instant)
  • "just now, francie," was the instant reply.

  • Ancient(Definition of ancient)
  • These new things are very ancient.

  • Anent(Definition of Anent)
  • At first, walter answered their courteous inquiries unguardedly, but a question anent the previous night's escapade revealed a hidden motive.

  • Consent(Definition of consent)
  • There was only one question, said truscott, "will mr. sanford consent?"

  • Unset(Definition of Unset)
  • Insane(Definition of insane)
  • It stopped dead in mid-air for a full second and abruptly began to rise once more in an insane, corkscrew course which ended abruptly in a headlong fall toward the ground.

  • Unseat(Definition of unseat)
  • All the while the lead mule, held to one place by a grip that never relaxed for an instant, plunged and reared and strained every nerve to unseat his rider.

  • Innocent(Definition of innocent)
  • Noo it's come to ye by way of this letter fra yer frien', an' i'm thinkin' it's the best way; for noo, at last ye ha'e it in ye're power to go an' maybe save an innocent man, for it's no like a son of our katherine would be sic' like a base coward as to try to win oot from justice by lyin' himsel' intil his victim's own home.

  • Isn't
  • It isn't bowser the hound; it's farmer brown's boy and his gun!

  • Vincent
  • Invent(Definition of invent)
  • He must invent, or procure some exercise, or series of exercises, by which the act of "reiteration" in the minds of his pupils shall be regularly and systematically carried on.

  • Inst(Definition of inst)
  • For instance, an acceptance of a dinner invitation must be written in this form: mr. and mrs. cadogan have great pleasure in accepting the polite invitation of mr. and mrs. sutherland for dinner on the seventeenth inst.

  • Onset(Definition of onset)
  • Wi' fire and sword we'll follow thee; or, gif your courtrie lords fa' back, our borderers sall the onset gie."

  • Assent(Definition of assent)
  • Let us therefore not resist but assent to the promise, and constantly repeat this prayer: i believe, o lord, but come to the help of my weakness."

  • Unsent(Definition of unsent)
  • Unspent(Definition of unspent)
  • Insolent(Definition of insolent)
  • Mungongo, startled out of his confidence in moonspirit, excitedly bade bakuma go forth as bakahenzie, stopping in front of the white man, broke into a harangue, bidding him to give up bakuma whose sacrilege in breaking the magic circle, as he had said, had brought the terrible eyes-in-the-hands upon them; that the welfare of the tribe depended upon her sacrifice to the angered unmentionable one even as she had been doomed; and threatening that they would take the insolent white man, whose magic was as water, and sacrifice him as well, as was desired by the spirit of tarum.

  • Insect(Definition of insect)
  • His feeling with regard to the insect is an index of a certain feminine quality of mind that had a characteristic expression in later life in his dislike for vivisection.

  • Insanity(Definition of insanity)
  • When pressed for a reason for his apparent insanity, he declared that if a man had to live in purgatory or a worse place, he had better stay there all the time, and not seek spots that would emphasize its drawbacks when he returned to it.

  • Intent(Definition of intent)
  • Gradually and without apparent intent, he turned the muzzle of the pistol until it pointed to the phantom's chest.

  • Inset(Definition of inset)
  • He died in 1429. he gave to st. nicholas' church its great east window; but, on its needing repair in 1860, it was removed entirely, and the present one, in memory of dr. ions, inserted; and the only fragment left of thornton's window is a small circular piece inset in a plain glass window in the cathedral.

  • Indent(Definition of indent)
  • I am sorry barbot broke down just when he seemed going strong with this list, and i was out of breath checking the indent, and said other wares, but i cannot help it, and beg to say that this is the true assortment for the gold coast trade in 1678. the english selection besides many of the same goods above mentioned have tapseils, broad and narrow, nicanees fine and coarse, many sorts of chintz or indian callicoes printed, tallow, red painting colours, canary wine, sayes, perpetuanas inferior to the dutch and sacked up in painted tillets with the english arms, many sorts of white callicoes, blue and white linen, china satins, barbadoes rum, other strong waters and spirits, beads of all sorts, buckshaws, welsh plain, boy-sades, romberges, clouts, gingarus, taffeties, amber, brandy, flower, hamburgh brawls, and white, blue and red chequered linen, narrow guinea stuffs chequered, ditto broad, old hats, purple beads.

49 words made from the letters insent

3 letter words made from insent:

est, nne, inn, sit, ent, net, tin, nit, tie, sin, set, ten, ies, sen.

5 letter words made from insent:

etsin, entin, niten, entsi, tenis, senin, inset, senti, setin, tsine, stenn, sient, sinne, tsien, senni, tines, tiens, stein.

4 letter words made from insent: