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How to spell INSITED correctly?

If you meant to spell "insisted", the correct spelling is with an "s" not a "t". Another suggestion is "incited", which means to provoke or encourage someone to do something.

List of suggestions on how to spell insited correctly

  • in-cited
  • incite The politician's speech was seen as an attempt to incite riots among the already agitated citizens.
  • Incited The political speech incited the crowd to protest against the government.
  • indite
  • Indited
  • Inserted
  • inside He was inside the house when it started to rain.
  • Insisted He insisted that he was telling the truth, but nobody believed him.
  • Instated She was instated as the new dean of the school.
  • instead
  • insulted She felt insulted when they ignored her at the party.
  • invited I am so excited to have been invited to the party!
  • united This country is united.
  • unsifted The unsifted flour caused the cake to be lumpy.
  • unsuited He felt unsuited to the fast-paced world of finance and decided to pursue a career in art instead.

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