Correct spelling for INTEGATION

We think the word integation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for integation

  • Indication
  • What is valuable is the indication of some new way of feeling towards life and the world, some way of feeling by which our own existence can acquire more of the characteristics which we must deeply desire.

  • Indignation
  • Old joshua's heart filled with pity and indignation.

  • Instigation
  • This, too, had happened, external to boon's knowledge: the lady and the gentleman had witnessed, through the small diamond window-panes of the jolly cricketers' parlour, the passing-by of the two horsemen in pursuit of them; and the gentleman had stopped the chariot coming on some fifteen minutes later, but he did not do it at the instigation of the lady.

  • Intention
  • At last it occurred to me that her intention of going to france would be a good excuse.

  • Interrogation
  • The interrogation already suggests that the author comes to a negative conclusion.

  • Indexation
  • The ariadne toolset contains the following components: the ariadne kps client silo, the current indexation- and query tool for learning objects amg, a component that leverages existing libraries for automatic metadata generation a lom based federated search engine, that dynamically searches other (more learning technology oriented) search systems like lionshare, merlot, edna, nime, etc.

  • Intonation
  • The priesthood, therefore, is very justly and properly retained by the monomotapans, subject only to a few simple duties and to a sacred intonation of voice very distressing to those not accustomed to it.

  • Interaction
  • Within the action and interaction there seemed to be room for everything, even for sir henry butcher, even for tyler harbottle, m. p.

  • Integration
  • Within the enormous territorial expanse which now constitutes the argentine republic political integration was effected slowly.

  • Intuition
  • Very reserved or absolutely frank, according to the degree of confidence with which she was treated, valentine had sufficient intuition to avoid a lack of tact.

  • Intimation
  • The first intimation received by mrs revel was from a hurried note sent on shore by a pilot-boat off falmouth, stating isabel's arrival in the channel, and her anticipation of soon embracing her mother.

394 words made from the letters integation

5 letter words made from integation:

inane, anong, aiton, egton, nigon, gatti, angio, ating, taing, tengo, tiong, tante, noten, ianto, intan, ninti, notin, nogat, angin, naito, etang, notti, gotti, niang, ignat, tanon, ningi, oeiag, atone, anine, etian, gnant, entin, gaitt, teong, toten, tenga, anino, otani, taito, tiein, niton, ionia, titin, tanne, nagin, tinag, ntini, ingot, tonen, ieong, natin, toein, teito, agone, tenon, otten, angon, agioi, ennio, tange, ngati, itoen, gotan, gante, onnie, atoni, tinio, genon, natto, oning, entia, notte, niane, tateo, toine, geton, titon, giant, tenta, tonna, eigon, nanto, einon, tanni, anini, tieon, einat, totin, toget, gatot, otegi, inite, teign, tangi, atigi, aneto, togni, gonen, tigon, tanno, tinta, tenno, ninoa, intoe, aigio, togan, taeng, gonne, tatoi, nieto, titan, ngiti, tinga, tango, tingo, neang, neato, ganoe, tonin, gaite, genoa, tinea, tetia, atong, egnot, gitto, nogan, goten, gonin, tioga, tanii, einin, notat, anigo, teian, tieng, genin, ngoni, tonti, niota, teano, tatin, natio, angei, tengi, nitti, tiant, gitin, enitt, tanti, negin, niani, gonia, nonia, tanto, tonga, taint, ganon, anion, ation, iinet, ganne, tinge, tiano, negai, nitai, ngaio, einai, aegon, goian, titia, giano, ingen, tonne, itten, atget, gaint, nitto, agent, egion, agito, inion, negot, getto, ngota, tenia, ainge, agnon, natte, gaini, gitai, taite, tanen, itogi, naing, tinti, onega, inano, tagen, tiang, noite, innit, innie, tanit, naini, eatin, getin, niten, onate, ennog, nogai, geant, oaten, eagon, ianni, toing.

4 letter words made from integation:

iino, gnat, inoa, nine, ogin, oena, oate, itno, iott, neon, nega, gate, taon, gona, iten, gato, none, etna, gaen, gaon, nein, nito, tang, iago, igno, goat, ngae, gott, gone, giti, toge, tine, tote, egoi, oita, teat, inti, noen, gatt, geto, tite, anti, eini, ogie, nina, onen, iota, tiao, agni, tate, engi, taig, nego, iong, taei, goit, gain, nige, eoan, toit, nett, gait, aeon, nget, inge, tato, nona, inga, igon, geta, etto, ogan, toti, ngon, tati, teti, anio, toga, nagi, agio, note, nato, ogae, tean, gonn, tent, igoe, tian, togi, gati, nano, ting, tito, ning, gaio, ante, onni, goan, egna, gent, ingi, agno, ngoi, toei, iton, titi, toea, goti, nong, nian, iing, ento, gean, ogea, tone, neat, onge, gion, onne, eang, otti, tion, tint, gien, oeta, itoi, egin.

3 letter words made from integation:

eon, ant, ent, ton, tao, tet, gat, age, tag, ten, ige, teg, ion, one, gin, neo, ego, net, tin, tit, tot, nag, oat, ane, nig, eta, tnt, tie, tia, get, tai, tea, tan, ago, gen, tat, iga, ani, nan, ain, nit, nne, not, ate, toe, goa, tog, inn, eat, nog.