Correct spelling for INTENTIAL

We think the word intential is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for intential

  • Penitential
  • He also suggests that the 'oratio' of the roman missal in the 'gratiarum actio' after mass, which contains it, shews us its suitability for penitential seasons indirectly, "deus qui tribus," etc.

  • Intentionally
  • "i know more about women than you do, and-" "i don't mean to say that women deceive in a base way-often they are not intentionally deceptive; but hereditarily-transmitted, necessarily defensive wiles lead them to turn their best side toward men.

  • Antenatal
  • Deaths in antenatal period . . . . . . . . . 138,249 fewer births owing to reduced birthrate . . 467,837 ---- total loss for 1914 . . . . . . . . . . . . 606,086

  • Intently
  • Glancing down, great was her surprise to see martin looking intently into her face.

  • Intentional
  • This occupation she had quitted with an abruptness that had not been intentional.

  • International
  • Their sympathy with the principles of german socialism, their alliance with the german socialist party is against them, for the french working men have a very honest hatred of the germans, both from recollections of the war and from the pressure of german industrial competition; and the feeling seems to be returned by the germans, for it appeared even among the socialists at the recent congress at halle, international and non-patriotic as socialists often claim to be.

  • Inessential
  • For the difficulties of form are endless, and sounds, colours, words are obstinate materials when they are to be made the vehicle of ideas; and even the artist in the full tide of the creative impulse must always find that he has expressed something less than his intention and has strayed into the pathless wastes of the inessential.

  • Indention
  • There were six in the chambers of the gun. one of them had an indention in the primer that appeared to be caused by the hammer.

  • Intention
  • In connexion with his intention about me?

    If God did it, it's His intention If God did it, he goes on to mention

    – God Did It by Edgar Winter
  • Internal
  • Well, as my internal cure is a powerful one, there are instructions on every bottle to take a tablespoonful every six hours, which would have carried him on for several days.

212 words made from the letters intential

3 letter words made from intential:

lea, ali, lei, tet, ten, ale, eat, tat, tin, tit, eta, tie, ent, nan, tea, ani, ant, ain, nit, lat, inn, nil, tnt, lii, lan, enl, tai, net, nne, lie, lit, ane, lin, ate, tia, tan, ail, alt, let.

5 letter words made from intential:

inite, atlin, lenin, ettal, enlit, ilina, tatin, litai, inane, atilt, tilia, talet, tinta, laten, lenti, iinet, alite, entia, enlai, titin, naini, tinle, ntini, letna, nalen, tenia, nettl, niane, lanne, lanni, nilin, ilian, liani, natte, title, anile, ittle, tetia, innit, taite, tanti, latin, nilan, leint, nitti, etian, titia, teian, aline, einin, enitt, annle, linin, niani, anine, atlit, altit, einat, innie, telia, lanin, tatel, liein, lenat, tinea, tanen, lieni, eatin, talei, liten, tanni, etail, tanii, titel, tilea, tenta, nilai, litte, intan, laeti, altin, latte, einai, ninti, ianni, antle, litan, entin, linta, nital, tante, nitel, elint, tiant, linie, talit, inlet, intil, linen, anini, tanit, tanne, titan, tiein, natin, taint, nitai, itten, niten, tinti, alien.

4 letter words made from intential: