Correct spelling for INTERPERATING

We think the word interperating is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for interperating

  • Interpolating
  • Now when we see an institution, professing to be of an exclusively religious character, organizing its departments upon a financial basis; enjoining on its members the vow of unconditional obedience, in order to subject them to its despotic domination; the vow of absolute poverty, in order to enable them more successfully to administer to the increase of its wealth; the vow of celibacy, in order to prevent them from having legitimate heirs, to divert the ecclesiastical possessions from the church; when we see it establishing schools to select and mould to its designs the most promising among youth, instituting universities to enrich itself by the sale of their honors, absolving sins for money, selling indulgences for the commission of premeditated crime, erecting missionary stations among pagans for the purpose of traffic and emolument, manufacturing evidence, committing forgeries, and corrupting and interpolating the text of ancient authors, denouncing reason, crushing liberty, circumscribing knowledge, anathematizing those who disbelieve in its arbitrary dogmas, torturing those who question its supreme authority, burning those who oppose its pretensions; having a national cabinet, ministerial offices, accredited ambassadors, maintaining a standing army, a naval force, religious military orders to extend and enlarge its domains, carrying a national banner, wearing a political crown, declaring war, concluding national covenants, coining money, and exercising all the rights of an acknowledged independent monarchy, it is more than credulity can admit, to concede that such an organization is not a corrupt, cruel, despotic, and political institution.

  • Interpretive
  • It was later that afternoon after the rell had spent much time observing brown while brown was busy observing the landscape that the interpretive bank made the triumphant announcement, we have it!

  • Integrating
  • Therefore, while confiding in the power of the integral and universal truth embodied in the catholic creed to bear down all opposition and vanquish every philosophy which rises up agamst it, we do not arrogate the ability to grasp and wield this power, and to exhibit the catholic idea in its full evidence as the integrating, all-embracing form of universal truth.

  • Underrating
  • There is a great mistake prevalent in the minds of most english people, and that is, their habit of underrating the kaffir as a foe. he is looked upon as a naked savage, armed only with a spear, and hardly worth powder and shot.

  • Interpreting
  • Vogl was a warm admirer of schubert's genius, and devoted himself assiduously to the task of interpreting it-a friendly office of no little value.

  • Incorporating
  • And i know a chymical liquor, which i employ'd to restore pieces of cloath spotted with grease to their proper colour, by imbibing the spotted part with this liquor, which incorporating with the grease, and yet being of a very volatile nature, does easily carry it away with it self.

  • Interbreeding
  • Take, for example, the four principal laws involved in the controversy-variation, correlation, crossing, and close interbreeding.

  • Interrupting
  • Alix, ending her song on a crash of chords, came to the table, interrupting him.

  • Interpretation
  • "no epithet was too outrageous, no charge was too farfetched, no manipulation or interpretation of evidence was too daring to enter into his ferocious indictment.

    I know my way around this conversation You've had enough but you're standing there I leave it up to interpretation

    – Why Would I Lie? by face to face
  • Entreating
  • M. de bragadin answered that de la haye could take up his quarters with us in his palace, and that bavois was to write to his protector, the pope, entreating his holiness to recommend him to the ambassador of venice, who would then forward that recommendation to the senate, and that bavois could, in that way, feel sure of good employment.

877 words made from the letters interperating

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epigean, gentier, perring, pingtan, pagette, pritina, pierret, interra, grinter, nattier, petting, peneian, gertner, intrige, gittern, erigena, egretta, gaitite, ingener, pentair, inapter, geraint, grenier, parrett, peening, geitner, igniter, parring, energia, ragetti, ginepri, prenteg, eargent, petitia, rangeen, ietting, ingrian, enterra, greenan, prigent, pratini, gettier, greater, graeter, pettine, parrent, airting, gentner, apterin, pairing, niterie, anteing, integer, greiner, nitrian, grannie, grantee, gernert, pentite, eternit, gratine, antient, etrigan, partner, pennate, rangier, parteen, netting, entrain, iriarte, rangiri, pignite, pragnie, gentian, peintre, arginin, entreri, airning, nettier, prairie, iterate, entrina, granite, perinea, nitrite, pantene, neating, pattern, pittner, patient, aintree, arenite, perritt, parting, ingrate, peineta, ranting, aginner, pinetta, entreat, gratien, panetti, pentiti, nitrate, geiatin, generai, pinnate, eternia, entrant, ingrain, netgear, nierite, peining, gennett, interne, preeing, prienai, parente, pangene, pingree, partier, petrini, pagenet, nigrite, pinette, pannier, interna, grinner, pearter, partege, natrite, argenti, genetta, iranite, granter, entrega, raineri, girnier, peatier, neritan, parenti, peating, antigen, grapier, angrier, ranipet, inepter, raniere, pertain, angrite, perinei, negater, energii, geranin, peattie, errante, peaning, pantine, priteni, inerter, eretria, pitting, angerer, geneina, gritter, raining, pettier, prenger, eritrea, niptera, negrini, patinir, enertia, pannett, pretnar, nigrita, pranger, nigeria, enprint, raiting, praeger, pirenne, paretti, painter, ratieni, nittier, peretti, printer, inertia, gartner, interni, earring, gripier, gantner, garenne, pratten, neaping, panting, garnier, ginnier.

4 letter words made from interperating:

erne, narn, pent, etre, nein, inga, gaen, taig, tite, ping, ting, aper, rare, aire, neap, nine, pari, egri, prat, nape, gper, tean, gran, rape, neat, pare, apne, rate, pita, gent, nget, eang, gene, ngae, teen, iten, trat, titi, girr, rear, reeg, pate, nipa, pean, airt, nrna, pine, rege, epae, tiri, nagi, eini, pang, rite, engi, tire, egin, ngee, eega, ning, nina, ingi, gien, riri, gait, peen, gati, near, earn, gain, tart, gatt, prae, tape, tati, gear, tate, reni, pear, ngap, tarn, gari, ripe, tint, taei, pint, pain, tree, riga, ante, pitt, inge, taee, tepe, tear, reit, reen, tipi, tarp, rant, inti, tera, raie, rapt, trap, nega, rani, tent, giti, girt, eter, peri, page, erei, teat, trig, pane, grip, rein, peat, gape, penn, pene, grin, gnat, trip, eien, trei, parr, grit, pair, tepi, tian, pert, eire, rete, eira, tine, rain, epng, tier, nian, gnrn, anti, pier, gean, peer, teip, pant, agni, nipe, nett, eier, reap, egen, prag, rage, prig, nige, teti, reti, tang, rptn, ragi, etna, erni, iran, gipn, peag, tare, erie, gate, geta, nepa, iing, ring, part, rent, tern, trna, egna, rega, rire.