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How to spell INUTEO correctly?

If you accidentally typed "inuteo" instead of "minute", here are some suggestions to fix the misspelling. Double-check for possible errors by adjusting the "i" to "m". Make sure the "n" is in place and not replaced by "i". Lastly, ensure "uteo" is changed to "ute" to form the correct word- "minute".

List of suggestions on how to spell inuteo correctly

  • initio The research project was doomed from the initio due to insufficient funding and lack of support.
  • instep He accidentally kicked his opponent in the instep during the soccer game.
  • intel We need to gather more intel before making any further decisions.
  • Intel Intel is a leading technology company that designs and manufactures computer processors.
  • inter I enjoy reading books that have an interplay between genres.
  • into He jumped into the pool to cool off from the hot sun.
  • intro I will give a short intro before starting my presentation.
  • inure Being exposed to extreme weather conditions has helped inure him to the cold.
  • inured Despite being initially shocked, she quickly became inured to the loud noises of the construction site next to her apartment.
  • inures Working in a high-stress environment often inures individuals to pressure and helps them develop resilience.
  • minute I need you to wait a minute while I grab my jacket.
  • minuted I minuted the important details discussed during the meeting.
  • minuter
  • minutes I need to finish this report in the next 10 minutes.

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