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How to spell IRRATED correctly?

"Irrated" is a misspelling of the word "irritated". To avoid making this error, some possible suggestions would be to use a spell-checker, proofread your text carefully or brush up on your spelling skills with online resources or a tutor. Additionally, asking someone else to review your work can help catch spelling mistakes before they slip through.

List of suggestions on how to spell irrated correctly

  • aerated The soil was carefully aerated to promote healthy plant growth.
  • arrayed The tables were arrayed in a U-shape for the banquet.
  • Berated I was berated by my boss for lateness.
  • Crated The painting was carefully crated and then shipped across the country.
  • Created The city was created by discerning men.
  • curated The exhibit is curated by art critic Harry Dodge.
  • Grated
  • Gyrated
  • irate The customer became irate when he found out his order had been cancelled without prior notice.
  • Irrigated
  • irritated I'm getting irritated with how she never listens to me.
  • Irrupted The peaceful silence was suddenly irrupted by a loud thunderstorm.
  • Iterated The process of this program is iterated until a desired result is obtained.
  • Narrated The story was narrated by my grandfather, who had a voice that sounded like warm syrup on pancakes.
  • orated He orated about the importance of democracy.
  • Pirated I do not condone the use of pirated software or music.
  • Prated I prated on about my vacation plans for hours, much to my friend's annoyance.
  • Rated
  • serrated The blades of the serrated knife were designed to quickly and easily cut through meat.
  • treated After being bitten by the snake, she was quickly treated with antivenom.
  • unrated The movie was unrated because it contained explicit language and violent scenes.

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