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How to spell ISNA correctly?

"Isna" could possibly be a misspelling of "ISNA", the Islamic Society of North America. Other suggestions for correct spellings could include "Isna" as a name or location or "isn't" if used in the negative form of a sentence. It would depend on the context in which the misspelling appeared.

List of suggestions on how to spell isna correctly

  • ana Ana is considering becoming vegetarian.
  • anna Anna is going to the store to buy some bread.
  • Edna Edna is a very interesting woman.
  • Erna
  • etna
  • Ian My name is Ian and I am from Canada.
  • in
  • Ina She eats ina salad with a side of fries.
  • inn The small inn was cozy and welcoming with a warm fire burning in the fireplace.
  • inns The inns are quite lovely.
  • INS I need to make sure every INS in the building is functioning properly.
  • ion An ion is an atom which has lost or gained electrons, resulting in a net electrical charge.
  • IONS After the bomb was detonated, the ions in the air spread the radiation.
  • isaac Isaac Newton is considered as one of the most influential scientists in history.
  • ISBN The ISBN of the book can usually be found on the back cover or inside the first few pages.
  • isis ISIS is a militant Islamist extremist group that has caused harm and destruction in several countries.
  • ISL
  • isle The small isle was only accessible by boat or by swimming.
  • ism I refuse to be part of an ism.
  • isn't He isn't going to the party tonight because he has to work.
  • Issac Issac Newton is known for his laws of motion and theory of gravity.
  • sana " Sana all may stable internet connection at home.
  • sn
  • ulna The ulna is the longer of the two forearm bones.
  • USDA The USDA is responsible for regulating and overseeing the safety and quality of our nation's food supply.
  • USN

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