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How to spell ISSET correctly?

If you've stumbled upon the misspelling "isset", chances are you meant to type "is set". This commonly-used phrase indicates a condition being true or false. To avoid confusion, it's important to remember the correct spelling and use "is set" instead.

List of suggestions on how to spell isset correctly

  • assent She gave her assent to the proposed changes.
  • assert She had to assert her independence and stand up for herself when her boss tried to undermine her credibility.
  • asset Real estate is considered to be a valuable asset for investors.
  • assets The company's assets include property, equipment, and intellectual property.
  • ASST I am an ASST to the manager and assist them with various tasks.
  • basset Yesterday, I saw a cute basset hound with a long, droopy face walking through the park.
  • cosset As a service animal, the dog is cosset by its owner.
  • gusset The gusset of his pants had worn through, revealing a gaping hole in his crotch.
  • Hissed
  • insert I need to insert my USB into the computer.
  • inset The picture frame had a small inset of a butterfly in the corner.
  • inst
  • isle The small isle was covered in lush greenery and surrounded by crystal clear waters.
  • islet The small islet in the center of the pool is partially obscured by a large fish.
  • isn't She isn't interested in hearing about the new job opportunity.
  • issue One issue that needs to be discussed is the lack of diversity in our workplace.
  • Issued We have issued you a warning.
  • issuer You are an issuer of digital securities.
  • issues Here are some issues we need to discuss.
  • Kissed She blushed when she remembered the night he kissed her.
  • missed I was going to the grocery store, but I missed my bus.
  • onset I experienced an onset of my headache this morning.
  • PSST " Psst, I think someone is following us," whispered Jack to his friend.
  • russet I picked a bushel of ripe russet apples from the orchard.
  • set I need to set my alarm for 6:00 AM tomorrow.
  • SST The temperature in the room had not increased since the "SST" alarm had gone off.
  • suet The bird feeder was filled with suet to attract woodpeckers.
  • Unset My keyboard is unset.
  • upset Susie was upset that she didn't win the lottery.

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