How to spell JANDER correctly?

We think the word jander is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell jander correctly

  • banter There was seriousness under his good-natured banter.
  • bender The bully went about making several bets at similar odds, until finally Bill Bender came up behind him and in a low voice warned him to be careful.
  • binder After the complete healing of the cord, the need for a snug binder to hold the dressings in place is over.
  • calder "Secure that coil of rope, and hold on for your lives!" shouted Mr Calder.
  • cancer Even though surgery prompts a cancer to spread more rapidly, without their lumps some cancer patients feel more positive.
  • candor She sat down, dispirited and still wondering, and he stood before her, all strength, now, and candor, as if he had thrown off his dubious mood and resolved to be himself.
  • candour The crafty politician had the art of dressing himself up in all the winning charms of candour and loyalty; a sweet flow of honeyed words melted on his lips, while his heart, cold and immovable as a rock, stood unchanged amidst the most unforeseen difficulties.
  • candy Henry walked on, feeling somewhat ashamed, but enjoying the candy nevertheless.
  • canker Don't pick up that cinderblock; it might be a caker.
  • canned I need to get some canned food in case the power goes out.
  • canter The horse cantered across the field.
  • cantor He was a cantor.
  • cinder I can't shake the feeling that there's something cinder-like about all of this.
  • condor The condor is famed for its extraordinary aerodynamic abilities.
  • dander
  • fender The car's bumper is scratched, and there is a dent in the fender.
  • finder
  • gander
  • gannet The gannet perched on the railing.
  • gender
  • hinder I hindered her escape.
  • jade She held the jade amulet in her hand.
  • jaded She had been through so much emotional pain in the past few months that she was starting to feel jaded.
  • janitor The janitor was doing his job when he found the dead body.
  • jenner
  • jennet Her yellow jennet was famous for its speed.
  • judder I felt an odd judder as we hit the turbulence.
  • junker It's time for the junkyard dog to RIP.
  • lander
  • launder
  • leander
  • lender I need to find a new lender for my home improvement project.
  • maunder
  • meander After hiking for several hours, the trail meanders through the forest.
  • mender The mender was a remarkable woman who could mend anything.
  • minder She needed a minder to keep an eye on her while she was out.
  • pander I can't stand his pandering to the clients.
  • ponder
  • ranter He was a ranting young man with little regard for common decency.
  • render I will render you unconscious if you do not stop talking.
  • sander
  • sender My mother sends me love every day.
  • sunder We were dismayed to find that our wedding cake had been torn in two.
  • tender
  • tinder
  • under I'm applying for a job under the name Jane.
  • wander
  • winder The winder in my sewing machine needs to be replaced.
  • wonder I was amazed at how huge the tree was.
  • yonder Beyond her farm lies a great unknown.
  • Caned My college roommate cane me with a belt.
  • Canoed conjectured to come from the Amazon Basin
  • Carder
  • Gadder She needed gas for her car, so she parked on the street near her home and got out her key to get her gate
  • Jane Jane is thinking of going to the park.
  • Janet
  • Nader
  • Janie I spotted Janie across the room at the party.
  • fonder I am much more fond of my dog than my cat.
  • ganders
  • gaunter
  • grander My family's house is not as grand as your house.
  • handier
  • sandier
  • jauntier
  • caner
  • kinder The kittens were playing on the porch.
  • bandier They had two children before divorcing: Allison Bandier Koffman who married Jeffrey Koffman in a Jewish ceremony at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan; and Jenifer Lee Bandier who married W.

List of 60 words made from the word jander

3 letter words made from jander:

ade, ane, dna, raj, jan, are, nad, end, jnr, era, ern, rad, jar, rna, red, ear, dre, jnd, den.

4 letter words made from jander:

earn, dane, nard, jena, jaen, rand, rend, djer, nadj, enja, djan, raje, near, dare, jade, dear, dean, enad, jean, read, daen, raed, reja, aden, nerd, darn, dran.

5 letter words made from jander:

darne, erdan, denar, nerja, daner, derna, rande, drane, rajen, nerad, nejad, raden, dejar, janer.

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