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How to spell JAWWED correctly?

If you have misspelled "jawwed", fear not! Here are some suggestions for the correct spelling: "jaded", meaning tired or bored; "jawed", relating to the jaw or having a particular type of jaw; or "jawed", as the past tense of "jaw", referring to talking or conversing. So, keep these options in mind and make sure your text is error-free!

List of suggestions on how to spell jawwed correctly

  • awed
  • Cawed The crows cawed loudly in the tree branches.
  • gawked I was gawked at by the strange man as he walked by.
  • Hawed The hawed thief was caught by the police.
  • jabbed The nurse jabbed the needle into my arm for my flu shot.
  • jacked
  • jaded After years of working in the music industry, he became jaded and no longer enjoyed going to concerts.
  • jagged The jagged edge of the broken glass made it dangerous to step on.
  • jailed The thief was jailed for three years for stealing the jewelry.
  • jammed The printer is jammed and I can't print out the document.
  • japed
  • Jared Jared is excited to start his new job next week.
  • Jarred I have a jarred system that I use to store my perishable food.
  • Jawed He opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a deep jawed voice.
  • jazzed I was jazzed to see her at the concert.
  • Pawed The dog pawed at the door, wanting to go outside.
  • sawed He sawed the wooden plank in half to make two smaller pieces.
  • Yawed Without knowing what I was doing, I yawed my car to the left.

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