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How to spell JAX correctly?

If you misspelled "jax", here are some possible suggestions for what you meant to write: Jacks, Jags, Jazzy, Jaxx or Jaxson. Make sure to double-check your spelling before submitting any important documents or messages.

List of suggestions on how to spell jax correctly

  • Ajax Ajax is a popular web development tool.
  • ax The lumberjack carefully swung his ax at the trunk of the tree, chopping away at the bark until it finally fell to the ground.
  • fax I need to send a fax to my doctor with my updated insurance information.
  • jab The doctor gave me a quick jab with the needle.
  • jag
  • jam I love to spread jam on my toast in the morning.
  • jan
  • jar I dropped the jar and it shattered into a million pieces.
  • jaw My jaw dropped when I saw how beautiful the sunset was.
  • jay I saw a blue jay flying in the garden.
  • lax The security at the airport was lax, allowing passengers to bring prohibited items on board.
  • max
  • sax
  • tax
  • VAX The VAX was a popular minicomputer system in the 1980s.
  • wax I need to wax my car before winter to protect the paint from the snow and salt.

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