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How to spell JEAUS correctly?

One possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "jeaus" is to correct it to "Jesus", which is the correct spelling for the name of the son of God in Christianity. Another possible suggestion is "jealous", which is a word that means feeling or showing envy of someone or something.

List of suggestions on how to spell jeaus correctly

  • Beaks Birds use their beaks for many different tasks such as eating, grooming, and building nests.
  • Beaus The beaus of the debutantes lined up eagerly to ask them for a dance.
  • Claus
  • EARS I can hear the faint rustling of leaves with my sensitive robotic ears.
  • ECUS I can't believe I just spent $10 on EcUS.
  • gears She rotated the gears on her bicycle.
  • genus King penguins are members of the genus Eudyptes.
  • JABS John always takes his jabs at Billy, but Billy always manages to respond in kind.
  • JAGS
  • jams She makes delicious jams from the fruits in her garden.
  • janus Janus is the Roman god of beginnings and endings, often depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions.
  • jars The shelves were lined with glass jars of various sizes filled with colorful candies.
  • jaws The jaws of the alligator closed shut with a hiss.
  • jays The Jays are playing tonight.
  • jealous My girlfriend is always texting other guys, I'm starting to feel a bit jealous.
  • jean
  • jeans I usually wear jeans on weekends.
  • jeeps The military used jeeps for transportation during World War II.
  • Jeers The jeers from the audience were deafening.
  • jells
  • jerks I don't like spending time with jerks who are always rude and disrespectful.
  • Jess I hope Jess is feeling better, she looked really tired when she came in.
  • jesus There is no one like Jesus.
  • jets The plane was flying over the Atlantic Ocean when the pilot saw the jets on the horizon.
  • Jews The Jews celebrate Hanukkah every year.
  • keats John Keats once wrote: "I threw myself into life with a will.
  • Klaus Klaus is a commonly used name in Germany.
  • leaks The pipe leaks and needs to be fixed.
  • LEAS
  • MEAS The MEAS urement of the room's dimensions will help us decide what furniture to buy.
  • peaks Some peaks are closer to the ground while others are higher up.
  • Peas
  • seas The sailor spent most of his life on the high seas.
  • TAUS British brewers have tapped into the trend of TAUS, or tap-infusion-utilizing sour ale style.
  • teaks I love my new teaks shoes.
  • TEAS I always bring my favorite teas with me when I travel.
  • zeus

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