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How to spell JEDEED correctly?

If you meant to type "jedeed" and find out it's wrong, fear not! The correct term you might be looking for could be "needed". So next time you're typing in a hurry, double-check to avoid such misspellings and ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell jedeed correctly

  • bedded The hotel rooms were all well-appointed and comfortably bedded.
  • ceded The neighboring country ceded a small piece of land to settle a border dispute.
  • deed He had the deed to the property in his hand.
  • edged The sky was edged with a beautiful orange and pink color as the sun began to set.
  • FedExed After the contract was signed, the documents were FedExed to the client for their records.
  • hedged The investors hedged their risk by purchasing options.
  • indeed Indeed, the presentation was very informative and engaging.
  • jaded After years of working in the industry, she had become jaded and lost her passion for the job.
  • jeered The opposing team's fans jeered the players as they walked onto the court.
  • jelled After hours of brainstorming, their ideas finally jelled into a solid plan.
  • Jereed
  • jerked I jerked my hand back when I touched the hot stove.
  • jested She jested with her friends about the latest viral meme.
  • jetted The private plane jetted off the runway and into the blue sky.
  • jeweled The jeweled necklace sparkled under the lights.
  • judged She felt judged by her classmates for her clothing choice.
  • redeem She hoped to redeem herself in the eyes of her colleagues by submitting an impressive report.
  • redyed I redyed my hair to cover up the gray roots.
  • reseed The landscaper recommended that we reseed the patchy areas of the lawn.
  • wedded After their wedding, they became wedded to each other for life.
  • wedged The car was wedged between two trucks and there was no way to move it.

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