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How to spell JESTURE correctly?

If you've mistakenly misspelled "jesture", fret not! Here are some possible correct alternatives: "gesture", a movement conveying a message; "jest", a playful remark or action; "texture", the feel or consistency of a surface; "register", a formal record; or "adventure", an exciting journey. Double-checking can save the day!

List of suggestions on how to spell jesture correctly

  • gesture He made a gesture with his hand to indicate that he was not interested.
  • Gestured He gestured with his hand to ask for the check.
  • Gestures She made a series of gestures with her hands to try and communicate her thoughts to the deaf audience.
  • jester The jester entertained the crowd with his silly antics and jokes.
  • jesters The court jesters entertained the king and queen with their humorous antics.
  • pasture
  • posture She sat up straight and adjusted her posture to improve her breathing.
  • restore The specialist was able to restore the antique furniture to its original condition.
  • texture The texture of the fabric was rough and uncomfortable against my skin.

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