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How to spell JETED correctly?

If you meant to type "jetted" but mistakenly wrote "jeted", here are a few possible corrections. Firstly, "jettisoned" refers to discarding or ejecting something. Secondly, "jested" means making a joke or witty remark. Finally, "greeted" signifies offering a greeting or salutation. Make sure to proofread your work to avoid such misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell jeted correctly

  • Acted She acted in the school play and delivered a stunning performance.
  • deed The noble deed of the hero saved countless lives.
  • deter The presence of security cameras may deter potential thieves from stealing.
  • Dieted
  • ETD The airline sent a message notifying passengers of a delay in the ETD due to bad weather conditions.
  • Feted The restaurant was feted for its outstanding cuisine and impeccable service.
  • Gated The community was gated to ensure maximum security.
  • Geed I can't believe I forgot to get a gift for Geed.
  • heated The argument became heated when they started discussing politics.
  • jaded The jaded employee had lost all enthusiasm for his job and was simply going through the motions each day.
  • Jed He Jed out of the car and into the night.
  • Jeered The crowd jeered as the man was led away.
  • jelled The team's chemistry jelled after a few games together, resulting in a winning streak.
  • Jerked
  • Jested I jested that I was going to challenge you to a fight.
  • jester The jester's antics and jokes often delighted the king and queen.
  • jet I took a jet to Paris for vacation.
  • jets The jets were heard overhead as the military planes flew past.
  • Jetted He jetted off to Europe for a business meeting.
  • jetty I'm going to launch the jetty.
  • jilted She felt jilted when her longtime boyfriend suddenly dumped her.
  • jolted
  • Jotted I jotted down the important points from the meeting in my notebook.
  • jute The farmer harvested the jute plants from his field.
  • Jutted The jutted coastline afforded breathtaking views of the ocean.
  • kited I kited down the slope.
  • Meted The judge meted out a severe punishment for the crime committed.
  • netted She had netted him a date for the dance.
  • Petted My dog was Petted today.
  • retied He retied the knot to make sure the package was secure.
  • seated She was seated at the table with her cat Purrball by her side.
  • ted Ted always arrives at the office 10 minutes early.
  • Teed
  • Vetoed The President vetoed the bill passed by Congress.
  • vetted The candidate has been vetted by the party leadership.

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