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How to spell JEZZANT correctly?

If you misspell "jezzant", you may be searching for "doesn't" or "isn't" instead. These corrections often occur as people tend to type quickly and mix up letters. It's essential to double-check spellings to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell jezzant correctly

  • Decant After the wine had been decanted, it was poured into our glasses for us to enjoy.
  • Defiant Despite being warned by her parents, she remained defiant and continued to sneak out at night.
  • Descant During the choir concert, the soprano singer performed a beautiful descant that soared above the harmonies of the other voices.
  • Deviant He was labeled a deviant for his unusual behavior and interests.
  • Enfant Mon enfant adore aller jouer au parc.
  • Equant The equant circle was used in Ptolemy's geocentric model of the universe to explain the irregular motion of the planets.
  • Errant The errant golf ball flew off course and landed in the neighboring yard.
  • Extant The extant buildings in the city center are a testament to its rich architectural history.
  • Jazzing The band was jazzing up the crowd with their energetic performance.
  • Jean Jean is a skilled tailor who can create beautiful garments.
  • Jeans She wore a stylish pair of jeans with a distressed finish.
  • Jeevan Jeevan enjoys playing the guitar and writes his own songs.
  • Levant The Levant is known for its stunning coastline and historic cities.
  • Meant I meant to finish my homework, but I got distracted by a new TV show.
  • Peasant The peasant worked tirelessly in the fields, tending to the crops.
  • Pedant She was seen as a pedant by her classmates because she always insisted on correcting their grammar.
  • Pendant She wore a beautiful pendant around her neck, sparkling with diamonds.
  • Pennant The baseball team proudly waved their championship pennant as they celebrated their victory.
  • Recant He decided to recant his previous statement and admit that he had been mistaken.
  • Regnant Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in British history, making her the regnant of the United Kingdom for over 70 years.
  • Reliant The success of the project is heavily reliant on the cooperation of all team members.
  • Remnant The remnants of the storm could still be seen in the fallen branches scattered across the yard.
  • Replant I need to replant these flower seeds in a larger pot to give them more room to grow.
  • Sealant The sealant was applied to the cracks in the wall to prevent any water leaks.
  • Secant In trigonometry, the secant of an angle is the reciprocal of the cosine.
  • Servant The servant prepared a lavish dinner for the royal family.
  • Sextant Navigators have relied on a sextant for centuries to determine their ship's position at sea.
  • Tenant The tenant was responsible for paying all utility bills.
  • Verdant The verdant meadows stretched as far as the eye could see, lush and green.

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