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How to spell JITSU correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "jitsu", it's likely meant to be "jutsu". Jutsu is a term originating from Japanese martial arts and typically refers to the specific techniques or skills employed in combat. So, if you're searching for information related to jitsu, consider using jutsu instead for accurate results.

List of suggestions on how to spell jitsu correctly

  • bits Technology always moves forward, and that's because bits are constantly switching positions.
  • fits My dress fits perfectly for the party.
  • Fujitsu Fujitsu is a major player in the computer hardware industry.
  • GITS I love the GITS soundtrack.
  • hits The athlete delivers hard hits during every game.
  • Its The dog was wagging its tail happily.
  • jets The sound of the jets roared across the sky as the fighter planes took off for their mission.
  • JIGS The carpenter used various jigs to ensure precise cuts in the wood.
  • jilts John was devastated when his girlfriend of two years suddenly jilts him for no reason.
  • JOTS
  • jujitsu The new jujitsu technique is amazing.
  • kits I bought a few crafting kits from the store to make Christmas ornaments.
  • nits She had trouble getting the nits out of her hair.
  • pits The carnival had a lot of pits where the magicians would do their shows.
  • SITS Jennifer sits beside her desk.
  • wits I have a lot of wits.

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