Correct spelling for JKL

We think the word jkl is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for jkl

  • cl Paean (pee'an) Pandarus (pan'd[)a]r[)u]s) Paphlagonia (p[)a]fl[)a]g[)o]n[)i]a) Patroclus (p[)a]tr[)o]'cl[)u]s) Pedasus (pee'd[)a]s[)u]s) Pelops (p[)e]l'ops) Peneleos (peen[)e]l'[)e][=o]s) Phaenops (fee'nops) Phegeus (fee'gy[=u]s) Phereclus (f[)e]r[)e]'cl[)u]s) Philoctetes (f[)i]loctee'tees) Phocis (f[=o]'kis) Phthia (fth[=i]'[)a]) Podalirius (p[)o]d[)a]l[=i]'r[)i][)u]s) Podargus (p[)o]dar'g[)u]s) Podes (p[)o]'dees) Polydeuces (p[)o]l[)i]dy[=u]'kees) Polydamas (p[)o]l[)i]'d[)a]mas) Polyctor (p[)o]lic'tor) Polydorus (p[)o]l[)i]d[=o]r'[)u]s) Polyidus (p[)o]l[)i][=i]'d[)u]s) Poseidon (p[)u]s[=i]'d[=o]n) Priam (pr[=i]'am) Protesilaus (pr[=o]t[)e]s[)i]l[=a]'[)u]s) Pr[oe]tus (pree't[)u]s) Pylos (p[=i]'los) Pyraechmes (p[)i]reek'mees)
  • col Butler rode towards the left and first learned the misfortune of Col.
  • gal Fur's no good; howcome it were a bing good shot for a gal.
  • gel Because of this, barn doors have a gel slot built into them, so the light can still be colored.
  • jag
  • jail
  • jell
  • jig
  • jog
  • joke
  • jowl
  • jug
  • july
  • kc
  • kg
  • Cal 652, 654, 655; Cal.
  • Jill
  • Joel
  • Jake
  • Gil That evening I cleaned my pistols and overlooked Gil while he packed my saddle-bags, choosing two plain suits, one to pack and one to wear, and a hat with a small tricolour rosette.
  • JG
  • CPL The Charton Bullseye was a fanzine published from 1975-76 by the CPL Gang highlighting Charlton Comics.
  • JCS
  • JCT
  • KL
  • GK
  • WKLY
  • JUL
  • OKLA

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