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How to spell JONED correctly?

If you find yourself accidentally typing "joned" instead of "joined", fear not! Auto-correct might not always have your back, but here are a few suggestions to help you correct this misspelling. Consider replacing "joned" with "joined", "toned" or "boned", depending on the context or intended word.

List of suggestions on how to spell joned correctly

  • bond The siblings share a strong bond that has allowed them to overcome any obstacle together.
  • boned I boned the chicken before roasting it in the oven.
  • Caned
  • cloned The scientist cloned the sheep, creating an exact genetic replica.
  • COED The university recently became coed and now has a more diverse student population.
  • Coined The word "coined" is derived from the Italian word "costruzione," meaning "construction.
  • cone The cone was on the ground.
  • ConEd
  • conked After running the marathon, John conked out and fell asleep for eight hours straight.
  • Conned The old man was conned out of his retirement savings by a group of scammers.
  • Cooed I cooed when I saw the baby's cute face.
  • corned I don't like corned beef.
  • Donned
  • downed During the storm, many trees were downed by high winds.
  • fond I am so fond of your company.
  • gonad She had a uterus, ovaries, and a gonad.
  • gone
  • goner After being missing for several days, they thought the hiker was a goner, but he miraculously made his way back to the trailhead.
  • gowned The doctor, gowned and gloved, prepared to perform the surgery.
  • Honed She honed her public speaking skills through hours of practice and feedback.
  • horned I have a large horned owl called Buddy.
  • Jane Jane won the first prize in the science fair.
  • Janet I'm Janet, how are you?
  • Jed He Jed the ball across the net.
  • Jobbed The jobbed ball hit the post, halting the game in the seventh inning.
  • Jogged
  • joined The group of black birds perched on the steel railing next to the open window, joined together in a synchronized chorus.
  • joiner The joiner skillfully crafted the intricate details of the wooden table.
  • jointed The jointed arms of the toy robot allowed it to move and bend in various directions.
  • Joked He joked that he was a professional time-waster.
  • Jon Jon is my neighbor and we often take our dogs for walks together.
  • jonah
  • jones I am a fan of the band, Jones.
  • Joni Joni likes to go hiking in the mountains.
  • Jotted I quickly jotted down the meeting time in my planner before I forgot.
  • Jounced The car jounced over the rocky terrain, causing everyone inside to bounce up and down in their seats.
  • Joyed I joyed in the simple pleasures of life.
  • Joyner Alan Joyner is a popular singer.
  • june June was a very hot month.
  • junked I junked the old car that was sitting in my backyard for years.
  • Loaned My best friend loaned me her scarf to keep me warm.
  • Moaned The victim moaned in pain as the robber pulled out his knife.
  • Mooned I can't believe he mooned everyone in the parking lot.
  • Ned My neighbor Ned is always playing his music too loud.
  • owned I owned a green sweater when I was a teenager.
  • phoned I phoned my mom to tell her I was sorry.
  • pond The pond is refreshing on a hot summer day.
  • toned She worked out regularly to keep her body toned.
  • Zoned I was so focused on my work that I zoned out and didn't realize how much time had passed.

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