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How to spell JOUER correctly?

Common correct suggestions for misspelling "jouer" could be "juer" or "jour". However, the correct spelling should be "jouer" as it means "to play" in French.

List of suggestions on how to spell jouer correctly

  • boer The Boer War was a conflict fought between the British Empire and two Boer states in South Africa, the Orange Free State and the South African Republic.
  • coder The software company hired a skilled coder to develop their new mobile application.
  • comer Mi hermano siempre ha sido un buen comer, no importa lo que le sirvan.
  • corer I need to buy a corer to remove the core from these apples.
  • cover
  • cower The child began to cower in fear as the thunderstorm raged outside.
  • coyer I can't believe she would coyer her friends like that.
  • doer He is not just a talker, he is a doer who gets things done.
  • dour Despite being surrounded by friends, his dour expression suggested that he wasn't enjoying himself.
  • four
  • goer She is an avid movie goer and tries to catch every film that comes to the cinema.
  • gofer I got a gofer to help me move my things.
  • goner I think my phone is a goner after dropping it in the pool.
  • gouger
  • hour I will be arriving in an hour.
  • jeer Don't jeer at me, I can fight my own battles.
  • jobber It seems that the jobber is getting the better of the match.
  • Joe The teacher assigned Joe to the detention hall.
  • Joel My mom used to say that Joel was the most special name she had ever heard.
  • Joey Joey is a nice guy.
  • jogger The jogger ran down the street, listening to music and enjoying the fresh air.
  • joiner It is important to use a joiner when putting wood together
  • joke I can't believe that my friend told a joke.
  • joker The Joker is the clown of the criminal underworld.
  • jokey His jokey comment lightened the mood of the serious conversation.
  • Jose
  • josher
  • josue
  • jotter She always carries a jotter in her purse in case she has something to write down.
  • joule It takes one joule to heat one liter of water by one degree Celsius.
  • jove I'm glad that I got to finally meet my idol, Jove.
  • Joyner The joyner was very excited about the party.
  • lour
  • moue Nora was clearly disappointed with the moue her boss made when she told him she wasn't going to be able to
  • o'er Please do not answer the phone. It is blowing up my O'er Realm line.
  • Our
  • poker I go to the poker game at the casino every night.
  • pour
  • Roger Roger Federer is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time.
  • roue My car is out of roue.
  • sour The taste of the lemonade was sour because I had added too much lemon juice.
  • tour I am planning to take a tour of Europe this summer.
  • Your Your favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.

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