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How to spell JOUNG correctly?

If you're trying to correct the misspelling "joung", there are a few possible suggestions. The correct spelling could be "young", possibly referring to someone who is not yet an adult. Another option could be "jung", which is a common surname in various cultures. It's important to consider the context to determine the accurate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell joung correctly

  • bung The plumber had to bung up the leaking pipe.
  • Clung The kitten clung to the tree branch with its sharp claws.
  • Cong
  • dung The dung beetle rolled the ball of dung along the ground.
  • going I am going to the library to rent some books.
  • gong The reverberating sound of the gong echoed through the meditation room.
  • hung
  • Joan I know Joan.
  • Joann I can't wait to see Joann at the party tonight.
  • jog I like to jog in the park in the morning for exercise.
  • John
  • join I am excited to join the book club and talk about my favorite novels with other avid readers.
  • joking Please stop joking around.
  • Jon My name is Jon, what's yours?
  • Joni I'm Joni, the new girl.
  • jounce The ride was bumpy and every jounce in the road made her stomach lurch.
  • jouncy The ride in the old car was jouncy and uncomfortable.
  • journo
  • jug She filled the jug with water and placed it on the table.
  • Jun I've never seen a better dancer than Jun.
  • june
  • jung
  • junk I threw away all the junk in my room.
  • juno Juno is the Roman goddess of love and marriage.
  • Kong Jurassic World came out this year, and I'm so excited for Kong.
  • long Recent studies have shown that regularly practicing mindfulness can help improve your long-term mental health.
  • lounge The lounge is an acceptable place to relax after a long day.
  • lung
  • mung I cannot eat mung because it is moth-eaten.
  • pong I love playing table tennis; the sound of 'pong' coming from the paddles is so satisfying.
  • rung I climbed up the ladder and reached the topmost rung.
  • song I love to sing along to my favorite song on the radio.
  • sung I have sung in multiple choirs throughout my life.
  • Tong
  • Wong
  • Yong Yong is the new employee at the company.
  • young I am a young woman.

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