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How to spell JOURS correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "jours" as "juors", worry not! Here are a few correct alternatives that might have been intended: "jours" (French for "days"), "joys" (denoting happiness), "ours" (referring to belonging to us) or "jars" (containers for preserving food).

List of suggestions on how to spell jours correctly

  • BURS The student was thrilled to receive a burs to help cover the cost of her textbooks.
  • COORS I don't drink alcohol, so I have never tried COORS beer.
  • course I am taking a course in software development.
  • courts The accused was found guilty, and will now face sentencing in the courts.
  • CURS The ancient Romans believed that if someone cast a curse (curs) upon them, it could have disastrous consequences.
  • fours I need to roll two fours on this dice.
  • furs The wealthy woman wore a full-length coat made of expensive furs.
  • goers The concert goers cheered as their favorite band took the stage.
  • gourds Some people use gourds as containers for holding items such as rice.
  • hours
  • jars I filled all the jars with apples.
  • Jeers Do you want to hear some jeers?
  • jobs I applied for several jobs but haven't heard back from any of them.
  • jogs Every morning, he jogs around the park to stay fit.
  • Johns My name is Johns.
  • joins Sally joins us for lunch every weekday.
  • jokers Some people think that stand-up comedians are modern-day jokers.
  • jokes I'm not so sure jokes are the best way to deal with this.
  • jones Jones is a popular surname in the United States.
  • JOTS I always like to take jots of important information so that I don't forget anything.
  • joules The amount of energy produced by a collision between two particles can be measured in joules.
  • journo
  • joust In medieval times, knights would often joust as a form of entertainment and to show their combat skills.
  • joys The joys of spending time with loved ones is priceless.
  • jury The jury deliberated for more than two days before reaching a verdict.
  • nous
  • OARS I need to fix the oars.
  • Ours Our house is ours alone.
  • pours The waiter pours me a glass of water.
  • scours The mother cow scours the pasture for her lost calf.
  • sour I can't stand sour milk.
  • Sours The smell of rotten eggs sours the air.
  • Sous My boss commands me to work sous chef from now on.
  • TORS No one knows what the Tors are, but they keep watching.
  • tours The company offers guided tours of the historical landmarks in the city.
  • Yours I am returning the book to the library, but the one that you lent me is still yours.
  • YOUS

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