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How to spell JOWLES correctly?

If you meant to write "jowls" but accidentally misspelled it as "jowles", here are some correct suggestions. Jowls refer to sagging flesh or fat on the lower cheeks or jawline. Ensure you spell it correctly by using "jowls" instead of "jowles."

List of suggestions on how to spell jowles correctly

  • boles The boles of the ancient oak trees in the forest were so massive that it took several people to wrap their arms around them.
  • bowlers The bowlers performed exceptionally well and took all wickets of the opposition team.
  • bowls I forgot to wash the bowls from last night's dinner.
  • cowls My aunt left her old fur cowls at the sale.
  • doles The charity doles out food and clothing to families in need.
  • Fowls I saw a flock of Fowls flying over the field.
  • holes I need to patch up the holes in this sweater before I wear it again.
  • howlers When the full moon rose above the forest, the howlers began to cry in mournful chorus.
  • howls
  • jobless The country is experiencing an increase in the jobless rate due to the pandemic.
  • joggles Joggles are a type of clothing that are typically worn by women.
  • jokes There are always jokes around the office.
  • Jollies Having a great time would be called jollies.
  • jolts The sudden jolts of turbulence during the flight made many passengers nervous.
  • jones
  • joule I spend so much time cooking that I've become quite Joule-ful.
  • joules The energy measured in this system was equivalent to 50 joules.
  • jowl
  • jowls The old man's jowls shook as he laughed heartily at the joke.
  • jowly My friend Maureen has a jowly complexion.
  • joyless I was dreading my Joyless job interview, but it went surprisingly well.
  • Jules
  • Knowles Beyonce Knowles is a popular musician and actress.
  • Moles Moles can dig tunnels very quickly.
  • ogles I'm looking for my lost ogles.
  • Oles Oles looked around the room, not knowing where to go.
  • Owls Owls are known for their distinctive hooting calls.
  • poles He slipped on the ice and fell into the poles.
  • Roles In any team, everyone has their own roles and responsibilities to fulfill.
  • Voles Voles are small rodents that are commonly found in fields and meadows.
  • yowls The dog yowls when it hears a siren passing by.

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