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How to spell JRTTING correctly?

"Jrtting" is a misspelling of "jotting". For correct suggestions, try typing "jotting" into your search engine or using auto-correct in your writing program. Other possible suggestions include "noting" or "writing down". Always proofread your work to catch spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell jrtting correctly

  • Catting After the party, I was feeling catting.
  • Crating We will be crating these fragile items for shipment.
  • cutting She made a mistake while cutting the fabric.
  • Fretting I've been fretting all day about my upcoming exam.
  • getting She wasn't happy about being getting divorced.
  • grating I found her irritation with my lack of tact to be quite grating.
  • Gritting I was gritting my teeth during the intense workout session.
  • Gutting The gardener was gutting the apple tree when the child came along.
  • jetting The airplane is currently jetting across the sky towards its destination.
  • jotting She was furiously jotting down notes during the lecture.
  • jutting The rocks were jutting out of the water, making it dangerous for the boats to pass by.
  • rating She gave the novel a four-rating.
  • ratting He's been ratting us out to the boss.
  • rotting The smell of rotting food is unbearable.
  • Rutting The bull was Rutting and the cow was Mooing.
  • Trotting The horse was trotting around the field, enjoying the warm sunshine.
  • writing

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