What is the correct spelling for JSU?

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Correct spelling for JSU

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Possible correct spellings for jsu

  • as And is it not as I said?
  • bs OREGON: Douglas Co. : Umpqua, 1 BS. Coos Co. : Marshfield, 1 BS; Myrtle Point, 1 BS. Josephine Co. : Bolan Lake, 1 SGJ.
  • bus Who they were, and what corps they belonged to, and how they acquired that Metropolitan bus I shall never know, and do not want to know.
  • cs 1975 - July 5: Cape Verde declared independence from Portugal and became and independent nation 1980 - Population: 43,321 1981 February 14: Associação Académica do Porto Novo football (soccer) club established September 25: CS Marítimo football (soccer) club established November: Paulense Desportivo Clube football (soccer) club established 1984 - February 4: FC Esperança football (soccer) club established, in 1996, they would be known as Os Sanjoanenses, after the patron saint of Porto Novo 1990 Municipality of Santo Antão abolished, broken into three municipalities, Paul, Porto Novo and Ribeira Grande Population: 43,845 1994 - GDRC Fiorentina football (soccer) club in Porto Novo established 1997 Santo Antão Island League competitions split into two, the North and the South Zones, the island competition would only contain a single final match for a year.
  • cst Codes for this computation include ABCI ACE3P CST Studio Suite GdfidL TBCI VSim
  • cu Laitun uchci u chicpahal Tzucubte Ziyan-caan lae Bakhalal, can Ahua, cabil Ahua, oxlahun Ahua oxkal haab cu tepalob Ziyan-caan ca emob uay lae: lai u haabil cu tepalob Bakhalal chuulte laitun chicpahi Chichen Itza lae.
  • es Es un coche de primera.
  • esau Great mistakes are made by forgetting that the Bible is a passionless narrator of its heroes' acts, and seldom pauses to censure or praise-so people have thought that Scripture gave its vote for Jacob as against Esau.
  • gu Blue brocade outer wrapper added when the scroll was remounted for the Qianlong Emperor in 1746, with a buff title-slip inscribed " Gu Kaizhi's painting of the Admonitions of the Instructress, with text, an authentic relic — a precious work of art of the Inner Palace, divine class" (顧愷之畫女史箴並書真蹟,內府珍玩神品) in Qianlongs calligraphy Song dynasty silk tapestry with a design of a peony among hydrangeas from an early wrapper to the scroll (possibly from a mounting of the painting made for Emperor Huizong of Song) Silk title inscription in Qianlongs calligraphy comprising three large Chinese characters meaning "Fragrance of a red reed" (Chinese: 彤管芳; pinyin: tóngguǎn fāng)[note 2] Silk end section with a number of seal impressions (possibly from a Song Dynasty mounting of the painting) Yellow silk with a drawing of an orchid and accompanying inscription, both by Qianlong Nine scenes of the original silk painting attributed to Gu Kaizhi Silk end section with a number of seal impressions (possibly from a Song Dynasty mounting of the painting) Painting of an orchid by Qianlong on a piece of yellow silk from a Song Dynasty mounting of the painting Transcription of the text on silk of the last two admonitions in the calligraphy of Emperor Zhangzong of Jin[note 3] Colophon on silk by Xiang Yuanbian (1525–1590) Long colophon on silk by Qianlong Painting on silk entitled Pine, Bamboo, Rock and Spring (松竹石泉) by Zou Yigui (1686–1772), commissioned by Qianlong
  • hus In a dark place, under the ground, full of filth and rats, Hyla lay dying in the crucet hus. It is not necessary to say how they had used him.
  • jab With one jab of that needle he passed the hair through the flesh just back of this cord.
  • jag As, on the jag of a mountain crag Which an earthquake rocks and swings, An eagle, alit, one moment may sit In the light of its golden wings; And when sunset may breathe, from the lit sea beneath, Its ardors of rest and of love, And the crimson pall of eve may fall From the depth of heaven above, With wings folded I rest on mine airy nest, As still as a brooding dove.
  • jam The two boys, who had gone to get bread and jam, came back to the front yard.
  • jan Jan opened her tired eyes and smiled.
  • jar You, my jar, bilibili, and my jar ginlasan, and you my jar malayo, go first.
  • jaw "Don't stop to jaw.
  • jay "I wonder," said Sammy Jay.
  • jest They tell me you are the idlest boy in the school; that you are always beating your brother Gerald, and making a scurrilous jest of your mother or myself."
  • jesus Jesus came towards me, and at first I thought He was the gardener.
  • josh "I wouldn't go, really, sir," protested Josh.
  • josue And the Lord commanded Josue the son of Nun, and said: Take courage, and be valiant: for thou shalt bring the children of Israel into the land which I have promised, and I will be with thee.
  • joy Why is joy coming to Nancy Ellen?
  • jug She admired and bought a rather curious jug.
  • just Why not just tell me?"
  • jut Jubal sang of the cliffs that bar And the peaks that none may crown- But Tubal clambered by jut and scar And there he builded a town.
  • jv The Groups natural gas based methanol JV with China BlueChemical in Hainan province commenced production in December 2006.
  • ks The investigation is looking into bribes of $200 million involving companies belonging to Baginda and his family members, namely Perimekar, KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd and Terasasi (Hong Kong) Sdn Bhd.
  • mus Ephydatia, Annandale, P. U.S. Mus.
  • os The alterations to be met with are best observed by taking a foot so diseased and making of it two sections-one longitudinal, from before backwards; the other horizontal, and in such a position as to cut the os pedis through at its centre.
  • ps Hence the literal translation would be, "And His places of going out are from the times of old, from the days of eternity," which is equivalent to-The places from which He goes forth are the times of old, the days of eternity,-just as in the two passages, Ps.
  • psi "What psi-power you have, came from Earth.
  • pus No pus between the scalp and the bone: the little hammer and chisel are handed to the Cutter.
  • sa 14: il y va de sa vie.
  • sc Act II., sc. 6. Wheat.
  • se Se quaestorem Germanici, illum domus eius adulterum fuisse.
  • si 450, 'quod redderet unicuique illorum ius suum, si ipsi illi fidem servaverint et pacem.
  • so "Yes; so I have.
  • sou Give me your word of honor that you will share ma mangeaille with me till I haven't a sou left!
  • ss On the 29th of May, the time prefixed for this pompous procession by water the mayor, aldermen, and commons, assembled at St. Mary hill; the mayor and aldermen in scarlet, with gold chains, and those who were knights, with the collars of SS. At one they went on board the city barge at Billingsgate, which was most magnificently decorated, and attended by fifty noble barges, belonging to the several companies of the city, with each its own corporation on board; and, for the better regulation of this procession, it was ordered, that each barge should keep twice their lengths asunder.
  • sue And when they go into the water she thinks, just as you did, Sue, that they will be drowned.
  • sw 27 75 80 75 N. NW. SW. clear do. do. 28 78 75 80 79 SW. do. do. clear do. cloudy.
  • J 34. McCormack, Thomas J., v.
  • Jess He began to think that he had never properly valued Jess.
  • Jo Jo did not answer this question directly.
  • S Ashby, General Turner, C. S.A. Aspern, battle of.
  • GSA Design @ Bethune Team Electronic Club GSA HOSA Library Helpers Math Club Prom Committee Reach Red Wiggler Team Robotics Team Science Club Spanish Club Yearbook Young Woman On The Move
  • Gus "It's about time," Gus added, sulkily as he threw himself on the ground.
  • Jose Don Jose led the way by a path which was scarcely perceptible.
  • Jun Smith, W. Claus, Benjamin Gale, D. Cameron, D. Boulton, jun.
  • JG Buster JE, Kingsberg SA, Aguirre O, Brown C, Breaux JG, Buch A, Rodenberg CA, Wekselman K, Casson P: Testosterone Patch for Low Sexual Desire in Surgically Menopausal Women: A Randomized Trial.
  • JP 1927–1937: The Rt Hon Stanley Baldwin MP JP FRS 1937: The Rt Hon Sir Stanley Baldwin KG MP JP FRS 1937–1947: The Rt Hon The Earl Baldwin of Bewdley KG PC PC (Can) JP FRS
  • LS Thus being Tormented, and teaz'd to their Souls, They thought the best way to get rid of these Fools, The Case they referr'd to the Master of the R--ls, There's rare doings, &c.
  • NS Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra[lower-alpha 3] (/sərˈvæntiːz/; US: /sərˈvɑːnteɪz/; Spanish: [miˈɣel de θeɾˈβantes saaˈβeðɾa]; 29 September 1547 (assumed) – 23 April 1616 NS) was a Spanish writer who is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the Spanish language and one of the worlds pre-eminent novelists.
  • RS There is his new house at Entally, which must have cost Rs.
  • VS
  • SQ Infallibility, Papal, 210 sq.
  • GS In March 2003, Alcott scored her first World Cup points by finishing 27th in a GS event in Innsbruck, Austria.
  • HS On the other hand, Basque speakers of the Northeast had to learn to write several words with less or no h letters, because most of the hs used in their tradition were not taken into the Standard Basque orthography.
  • SUI It's Ku Sui, returning!
  • ZS
  • CCU Fellow councillors Jeremy Searle and Francine Senécal publicly criticized Applebaum in 2005 and 2008 for potential conflict of interest over his continued work as a real estate agent and property manager while also sitting on the boroughs secretive CCU (zoning committee).
  • JCS The citywide contest to select the flag was organized by the North Calgary JCs (Junior Chamber of Commerce) and chaired by Bruce Lee.
  • NUS On both occasions, however, the subsequent referendum of all students reversed that decision and Bristol remains affiliated to the NUS.
  • TS Basque does not use Cc, Qq, Vv, Ww, Yy for words that have some tradition in this language; nevertheless, the Basque alphabet (established by Euskaltzaindia) does include them for loanwords: Aa Bb Cc (and, as a variant, Çç) Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Ññ Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz The phonetically meaningful digraphs dd, ll, rr, ts, tt, tx, tz are treated as pairs of letters.
  • XS
  • SK DeskJet F4500 series All-in-One HP SureSupply Officejet Officejet (original) Officejet 300 Officejet 330 Officejet 350 Officejet 500 series Officejet 600 Officejet 610 Officejet 630 Officejet 635 Officejet 700 Officejet 710 Officejet 720 Officejet 725 Officejet 600 series Officejet 700 series Officejet 4110 Officejet 4215 Officejet 4315 Officejet 4500 Officejet 5110 Officejet 5510 Officejet 5610 Officejet 6110 Officejet 6210 Officejet 6310 Officejet 6600 e-All-in-One Printer series-H711 Officejet 7110 Officejet 7115 Officejet 7130 Officejet 7135 Officejet 7140 Officejet 7210 Officejet 7310 Officejet 7410 Officejet 9110 Officejet 9120 Officejet 9130 Officejet d125xi Officejet d135 / d135xi Officejet d145 Officejet d155xi Officejet g55 / g55xi Officejet g85 / g85xi Officejet g95 Officejet J5700 series Officejet k60 / k60xi Officejet k80 / k80xi Officejet L7500 series Officejet L7600 series Officejet L7700 series Officejet r40 / r40xi Officejet r45 Officejet r60 Officejet r65 Officejet r80 / r80xi Officejet t45 / t45xi Officejet t65 / t65xi Officejet t85 Officejet v30 Officejet v40 / v40xi Officejet v45 Officejet Pro 1150c / 1150cse Officejet Pro 1170c / 1170cse / 1170cxi Officejet Pro 1175c / 1175cse / 1175cxi Officejet Pro 8500 Officejet Pro 8500 wireless Officejet Pro 8500 premier Officejet Pro 8600 Officejet Pro 8600 Plus Officejet Pro 8600 Premium PSC PSC 300 PSC 500 / 500xi PSC 720 PSC 750 / 750xi PSC 760 PSC 950 / 950xi PSC 1110 PSC 1210 PSC 1213 PSC 1215 PSC 1310 PSC 1315 PSC 1350 PSC 1410 PSC 1510 PSC 1610 PSC 2110 / 2110v / 2110xi PSC 2175 PSC 2210 / 2210v / 2210xi PSC 2355 PSC 2410 Photosmart PSC 2510 Photosmart Photosmart Photosmart (original) Photosmart 100 Photosmart 130 Photosmart 145 Photosmart 230 Photosmart 245 Photosmart 325 Photosmart 335 Photosmart 375 Photosmart 385 Photosmart 475 Photosmart 1000 / p1000 Photosmart 1115 Photosmart 1215 Photosmart 1218 Photosmart 1315 Photosmart 2575 Photosmart 2610 Photosmart 2710 Photosmart 3110 Photosmart 3210 Photosmart 3310 Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 5514 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 7150 Photosmart 7260 (Introduced August 2007) Photosmart 7350 Photosmart 7355 Photosmart 7450 Photosmart 7460 Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 7520 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 7525 e-All-in-One Printer Photosmart 7550 Photosmart 7660 Photosmart 7760 Photosmart 7960 Photosmart 8049/8050 Photosmart 8150 (Introduced in 2004) Photosmart 8450 Photosmart 8750 Photosmart A310 Photosmart A510 series Photosmart A610 series Photosmart A710 Photosmart C3180 Photosmart C4180 Photosmart C4280 Photosmart C4380 Photosmart C4480 Photosmart C4580 Photosmart C4680 Photosmart C4780 Photosmart C4795 Photosmart C5180 Photosmart C5280 Photosmart C5380 Photosmart C6180 All-in-One Printer Photosmart C6280 Photosmart C7180 Photosmart C7280 Photosmart C7288 Photosmart C8180 Photosmart D7560 Photosmart eStation e-All-in-One Printer – C510a Photo Kiosk that prints 4x6 prints in seconds Photo Kiosk that creates greeting cardsposters and calendars Photosmart p1000 Photosmart p1100 / p1100xi Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One Printer – B210a Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One Printer – C310a Photosmart Premium Fax e-All-in-One Printer – C410a Photosmart Wireless e-All-in-One Printer – B110a Further information: HP Photosmart Further information: Multifunction printer Further information: HP Deskjet Designjet Printers (Current Line: November 2014) Office Printers for CAD and GIS Designjet T120 Designjet T520 Designjet T790ps Designjet T795 Designjet T920 Designjet T920ps Designjet T1300ps Designjet T1500 Designjet T1500ps Designjet T1700 Designjet T2500 eMFP Graphics Printers Designjet Z2100 Designjet Z3200 Designjet Z3200ps Designjet Z5200ps Designjet Z5400ps Designjet Z6200 Scanners Designjet HD Pro Scanner Designjet HD Scanner Designjet SD Pro Scanner Production Printers Designjet T3500 eMFP Designjet T7200 Designjet Z6600 Designjet Z6800 Discontinued models Designjet 10ps Designjet 20ps Designjet 30 Designjet 50ps Designjet 70 Designjet 90 Designjet 90gp Designjet 90r Designjet 100 Designjet 100plus Designjet 110plus Designjet 110plus nr Designjet 111 Designjet 120 Designjet 130 Designjet 130gp Designjet 130nr Designjet 200 Designjet 250C Designjet 330 Designjet 350C Designjet 430 Designjet 450C Designjet 455c Designjet 500 Designjet 510 Designjet 600 Designjet 650C Designjet 750 Designjet 750c Designjet 755CM Designjet 800 Designjet 800ps Designjet 815mfp Designjet 820 MFP Designjet 1050C Designjet 1055CM Designjet 1050c Plus Designjet 1055 cm Plus Designjet 2000CP Designjet 2500CP Designjet 2800CP Designjet 3000CP Designjet 3500CP Designjet 3800CP Designjet 4000 Designjet 4000PS Designjet 4200 Scanner Designjet 4500 Designjet 4500ps Designjet 4500mfp Designjet 4500 Scanner Designjet 5000 Designjet 5100 (Asia Pacific Only) Designjet 5000ps Designjet 5500 Designjet 5500ps Designjet 8000sr Designjet 9000s Designjet 9000sf Designjet 10000s Designjet L25500 Designjet L65500 Designjet T610 Designjet T790 Designjet T1100 Designjet T1100ps Designjet T1100mfp Designjet T1200 Designjet T1300 Designjet T2300 eMFP Designjet T7100 Designjet Z3100 Designjet Z3100ps Designjet Z3100ps GP Designjet Z6100 Designjet Z6100ps HP Indigo Digital Presses (Current Line: November 2014) Commercial Digital Press Indigo 5000 Digital Press series Indigo 6800 Digital Press Indigo 7500 Digital Press Indigo 7600 Digital Press Indigo W7250 Digital Press Industrial Digital Press Indigo 10000 Digital Press Indigo 20000 Digital Press Indigo 30000 Digital Press Indigo W7250 Digital Press HP Inkjet Digital Web Press (Current Line: November 2014) Inkjet Digital Web Press T300 Inkjet Web Press series HP Latex Printers Current Line: (June 2015) Low-volume Latex Printers HP Latex 280 Printer HP Latex 310 Printer HP Latex 330 Printer HP Latex 360 Printer HP Latex 370 Printer Mid to High-volume Latex Printers HP Latex 3000 Printer HP Latex 3100 Printer HP Latex 3500 Printer HP Latex 820 Printer HP Latex 850 Printer HP Scitex Large Format Printers Current Line: (June 2015) Industrial Presses Scitex 15000 Corrugated Press Scitex FB10000 Industrial Press series Scitex FB7600 Industrial Press Scitex TURBOjet Industrial Press series Industrial Printers Scitex FB550 Industrial Printer Scitex FB750 Industrial Printer Scitex XP2500 Industrial Printer Scitex XP2750 Industrial Printer Scitex XP5100 Industrial Printer Scitex XP5500 Industrial Printer Network Print Servers Current Line: (November 2014) External Print Servers 1200w NFC/Wireless Mobile Print Accessory Jetdirect 2800w NFC/Wireless Direct Accessory Jetdirect 300x Print Server series Internal Print Servers Jetdirect 620n Print Server series Jetdirect 640n Print Server series Wireless Print Servers Jetdirect 2700w USB Wireless Print Server Jetdirect 695nw Print Server series Wi-Fi/Fast Ethernet Combination Print Servers Printer Notes: In HP printers introduced since ca 2006, alpha codes indicate product groupings and optional features, thus for example: * Lead alpha codes: A – HP Photosmart Axxx Compact/Portable photo printer B – HP Photosmart Pro Bxxxx photo printer C – HP Photosmart Cxxxx All-in-One photo printer CM – HP Color LaserJet CMxxxx Multifunction printer CP – HP Color LaserJet CPxxxx printer D – HP Deskjet Dxxxx printer D – HP Photosmart Dxxxx Single Function photo printer F – HP Deskjet Fxxx All-in-One printer G – HP Scanjet Gxxxx photo/flatbed scanner K – HP Officejet Pro Kxxx color printer M – HP Mono LaserJet Mxxxx Multifunction printer N – HP Scanjet Nxxxx document/professional image scanner P – HP Mono LaserJet Pxxxx printer * Trailing alpha description codes: aio – All in One d – Duplex eMFP – Electronic Multi Function Printer h – Hard disk l – Light use mfp – Multi Function Printer n – Network s – Stacker sk – Stapler & stacker t – Extra tray tn – Tray and networking x – Duplex, extra tray, and network (formerly dtn) xs – Duplex, extra tray, network and stacker xsk – Duplex, extra tray, network and stapler / stacker
  • RSI As the military situation worsened, German mistrust towards the RSI military grew, and even Social Republic authorities looked at the Black Brigades with contempt.
  • JD Whats It All About (45 Below, 1996) (with JD Walker & Moodswing9, as Live Poets) The Taste of Rain.
  • SJ After the Dregs broke up, Wordburglar started a solo career as SJ, adopting the additional "the Wordburglar" upon teaming up with Beatmason for his first major single, "Wordburglar.
  • USU
  • JUL Jul. Can you pretend to love, and see my grief Caused by yourself, yet give me no relief?

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