Correct spelling for JUAST

We think the word juast is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for juast

  • bast Had crinoline been in vogue in the year 1851, Robert would have found a parallel before his eyes, in these birch-bark flounces arranged over a sustaining framework, in four successive falls, narrowing in circumference as they neared the top, where a knot of bast tied the arching timbers together.
  • bust Price of the bust, five hundred guineas.
  • cast I'll go down and cast him loose.
  • caste Indeed I heard one bitter word That scarce is fit for you to hear: Her manners had not that repose Which stamps the caste of Vere de Vere.
  • coast S.W. and W. coast N. coast.
  • cost Your lodging and your table cost you nothing, and I think you can be very comfortable."
  • cst An individual or organization may submit an application to be certified by the CST.
  • dust At his cry the bear leaped out of the cloud of dust, and shot across the threshold like black lightning.
  • east And East listened silently, and liked him better and better.
  • fast I am sorry, I didn't know I was walking fast.
  • faust But in Faust the musical intelligence had an entirely new task and was exercised quite differently from in anything that had gone before.
  • gist The gist of the Butler lectures is considerably less clear, and, if only for that reason, it cannot be succinctly stated or answered.
  • guest This is Mr. De Soto, also a guest at Green Fancy.
  • gusset Got your summer smocks on! Be clad no more in russet! All the flow'rs are fashion-plates and fabrics for your wear- Gold and silver gossamer, Webs, from every blossomer, Fragrant and so delicate (with neither seam nor gusset), Filmily you spin them, but they will not tear!
  • gust The rain was ever sounding on the roof now and then a gust drove against the window great drops which ran down the panes like slow-falling tears.
  • gusto Again and again the generous connoisseurship of Boswell describes not only the witticism but the joyous gusto with which it was uttered.
  • gusty She reigned supreme; moreover her advice on this gusty forenoon was particularly valuable, inasmuch as she had just shaken off the waters of Bath on account of the publication there of some odious verses, in which her name and her person were treated with intolerably small respect.
  • jaunt "Why, when Aunt Lulu goes on a jaunt," said Dwight Herbert, "events begin to event."
  • jest "That's jest what I'll do, providin' it is possible to get back before the train is due.
  • joist Some of the rebs were not satisfied, and insisted upon loosening the floor again at once, and despite all I could do, they persisted in doing so. The third night after was settled upon as the one to leave, as it promised to be dark and rainy, but just before night, the Sergeant took it into his head to try the floor, and procuring a long pole he went into the room below and punched at the loose boards, which immediately yielded, and then he brought in another carpenter, and personally superintended stopping up the aperture, which was done by spiking pieces of joist, against the floor joists, completely closing it up.
  • joust "And at Cerisoles, the Battle of the Plain, in the old Spanish wars, that was most like a joust of all the pitched fields I ever saw-at Cerisoles, where I caught your horse? You mind me? It was in the shock when we broke Guasto's line--"
  • judas He said it was a little Judas kid, and that it was betraying him with a kiss, and that he'd swing for it.
  • jurist Another letter, which can hardly be passed over in silence in any history of Latin literature, is the noble message of condolence to Cicero on the death of his beloved Tullia, by the statesman and jurist, Servius Sulpicius Rufus, who carried on in this age the great tradition of the Scaevolae.
  • just It's going to be just-splend-umphant!"
  • jut He always wears a full-dress coat-pre-Adamite in cut- With waistcoat of the loudest style, through which his ruffles jut. Six breastpins deck his horrid front: and on his fingers shine Whole invoices of diamond rings, which would hardly pass muster with the Original Jacobs in Chatham street, for jewels gen-u-ine- This South Carolina gentleman, One of the present time.
  • last Think what we have done since I wrote last to you.
  • lust So long as the mysteries of the Lust in Rust had been confined to the ordinary combinations of a secret trade, he had been fully able to comprehend them; but now that there apparently existed an alliance so unnatural as one between his master and the cruiser of the crown, he felt the necessity of double observation and of greater thought.
  • mast Each of them we understood would be equipped with a thin long-range "dis" ray, mounted in a turret at the base of the mast.
  • must If you must know-yes.
  • oust D'ye think you'll be able to oust the girl from the Hat Ranch?
  • past "It's almost half-past twelve now.
  • quart Put one quart of milk into a double boiler; rub together two tablespoonfuls of butter and two tablespoonfuls of flour.
  • quasi The conversation was suddenly stopped by the appearance of a remarkable personage, the quasi-Sultan of the Ben Weleed.
  • quest He flew hither and thither in an uneasy quest, as if uncertain of the way.
  • rust Ludlow quitting the Lust in Rust with a wavering purpose.
  • vast A vast wilderness lay before them.
  • Hast "Baloo, thou hast neither memory nor respect.
  • Wast I was wasting my precious life in idleness whilst thou wast toiling hard and laying up a hoard.

9 words made from the letters juast

4 letter words made from juast:

suja, juta, just, juts.

3 letter words made from juast:

usa, tau, sat, uta, jut.

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