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How to spell JUGES correctly?

The correct spelling for "juges" would be "judges". This can be corrected by simply replacing the incorrect spelling with the correct spelling. Additionally, basic spell-check functions in word processing programs can also help catch these types of errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell juges correctly

  • ages
  • augers He used two different augers to drill holes in the wooden fence.
  • budges Despite our best efforts to move the couch, it still budges.
  • bugs I'm trying to delete all of the bugs from my computer.
  • cages The animals in the zoo were confined to small cages, which upset many visitors.
  • Cues The actor eagerly awaited his cues to enter the stage.
  • fudges I love to eat fudges during the winter holidays.
  • fugues Fugues are melodic patterns that can be played on the keyboard.
  • gauges The mechanic checked the gauges on the dashboard to make sure the car was running smoothly.
  • gouges He gouges the wood with the chisel to create intricate designs.
  • hughes Hughes was a prominent American poet during the Harlem Renaissance.
  • hugs I love receiving warm hugs from my loved ones.
  • JAGS The Jacksonville Jaguars, commonly known as the Jags, are a professional football team based in Florida.
  • JIGS I'm going to run outside and grab some Jigs for the bait.
  • jogs I go for jogs around the park every morning to keep fit.
  • jokes He always tells silly jokes that make me laugh.
  • joules
  • judge The judge sentenced the convicted criminal to 10 years in prison.
  • Judged The contestant was judged based on her talent, confidence, and stage presence.
  • judges The judges awarded first place to the contestant with the highest score.
  • jug Mom poured me a full jug of cold lemonade to cool me down after a long day out in the sun.
  • Jugged I jugged the venison with red wine and aromatic vegetables to create a rich and hearty stew.
  • juggles She juggles her work and family life with ease.
  • juices I like to make my own fresh juices at home.
  • Jules She's working as a personal assistant to Jules Verne.
  • Julies Julies is coming to the party later tonight.
  • Junes Junes is the best month to go on vacation because the weather is always perfect.
  • junks The beach was littered with junks of plastic and styrofoam.
  • Juries In America, juries are made up of citizens who are chosen by lot.
  • kluges
  • lugs He lugs his heavy backpack around everywhere he goes.
  • mugs The Simpsons had a lot of mugs.
  • nudges Please don't nudges me.
  • pugs I love walking my pugs in the park.
  • purges The dictator's frequent purges of political dissidents were a blatant violation of human rights.
  • QUES
  • rouges Do you have any rouges, I'm looking for a new color?
  • rugs I bought three different rugs for my living room to add some color and texture to the space.
  • surges During the storm, the waves began to produce surges that crashed against the shore.
  • tugs The fisherman tugs on his fishing line, hoping to reel in a big catch.
  • urges She had strong urges to go skydiving despite her fear of heights.

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