How to spell JUINOR correctly?

When encountering a misspelling like "juinor", it is essential to address it promptly. Possible correct suggestions for this commonly mistaken word could be "junior", which refers to a lower-ranking or younger individual, especially in terms of education or sports. Remember to proofread carefully to ensure accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell juinor correctly

  • guvnor
  • joiner I hired a joiner to create custom cabinetry for my kitchen.
  • juicer Coriander is a great addition to a juicer, as it is a both bitter and pungent vegetable.
  • junior My cousin is a junior in high school this year.
  • juno In Roman mythology, Juno was the goddess of marriage and fertility.
  • juror
  • minor I'm just a minor, you can do what you want with me.

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