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How to spell JUMOED correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for misspelling "jumoed" are jumped, jumbled, jolted, jogged, and jugular. However, based on the context of the sentence, it's likely that the intended word was jumped as it's a common spelling error when typing quickly or on a mobile phone keypad.

List of suggestions on how to spell jumoed correctly

  • Bummed I was really bummed when I missed the train.
  • fumed He fumed silently, seething at his boss's disrespectful attitude.
  • gummed I had to throw away the envelope because the flap was gummed tight.
  • Hummed I hummed a tune as I walked down the street.
  • jammed I jammed my finger in the car door.
  • Judged The jury was judged to be deadlocked.
  • Jugged After being mugged, the victim was jugged.
  • juiced She juiced fresh oranges for breakfast.
  • Jumped I jumped over the puddle to avoid getting my shoes wet.
  • jumper She wore a cozy woolen jumper on the chilly autumn day.
  • Jutted The mountains jutted up into the sky, creating an awe-inspiring view.
  • Summed The professor summed up the main points of the lecture before dismissing the class.

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