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How to spell JUNKYS correctly?

For the misspelling "junkys", there are a few possible correct suggestions. One option could be "junkies", which refers to individuals with a strong obsession or dependency on something. Alternatively, "junks" could also be considered, as it refers to useless or discarded items.

List of suggestions on how to spell junkys correctly

  • bunks
  • dunks He dunks his biscuit in tea.
  • GUNKY I always feel a bit gunky after a long workout.
  • Hunks Everyone at the party was too busy ogling the hunks to notice that I had not shown up.
  • jinks I don't believe in jinks or jinxing something; I think we make our own luck.
  • JUNCOS The juncos were hopping around in the snow searching for seeds.
  • Junes Junes in this part of the world are usually hot and humid.
  • junk I need to clean out my garage, there is so much junk in there.
  • junker The junker had been abandoned in the field for years.
  • junkers Junkers were old and poorly maintained aircraft that were often used during World War II.
  • junkets The CEO frequently takes his team on exclusive junkets as a reward for their hard work.
  • junkie He struggled to overcome his addiction and the label of "junkie" that came with it.
  • junkies Many heroin junkies often encounter legal troubles due to their drug addiction.
  • junks The beach was littered with junks of plastic and glass.
  • punks All the punks were standing on the corner.

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