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How to spell JUSING correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "jusing", worry not as there are several plausible alternatives. Perhaps you intended to write "using", which would fit seamlessly in most sentences. Alternatively, if you meant to say "just in", "just so" or "just as", these phrases convey different meanings but align with the same phonetic sound.

List of suggestions on how to spell jusing correctly

  • busing Many schools ended busing for racial integration after court rulings in the 1990s.
  • casing The detective collected the casing from the crime scene to send it to the lab for analysis.
  • causing The thunderstorm is causing the electricity to flicker.
  • cursing He was cursing under his breath when he found out he had missed his flight.
  • cussing My parents scolded me for cussing in front of my grandparents.
  • dousing He was dousing the fire into a fine fizzle.
  • Fusing The fusing of the plasma was successful.
  • Fussing I was fussing with my hair while I was waiting for Sarah to come back.
  • gushing
  • gusting The wind was gusting so strongly that it knocked over several trees.
  • housing The city's housing crisis has led to an increase in homelessness.
  • jesting The comedian had the audience in stitches with his quick-witted jesting.
  • joshing I was just joshing around with my friends, no need to take it seriously.
  • jousting King Arthur and his knights enjoyed jousting as a way to show off their skills and compete with each other.
  • Jugging Jugging is a method of cooking small game animals in a pot over an open flame.
  • juicing I have started juicing every morning to help me increase my daily intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • Justin I'm not sure if Justin is still in the band.
  • Justine Justine looked sad.
  • jutting The cliff had a jutting outcropping that provided a stunning view of the ocean.
  • lousing After he caught the ball, he lousing up the defenders.
  • Mousing I was mousing around on my computer, trying to find some information about cooking.
  • musing She was lost in musing about her upcoming trip.
  • Mussing
  • nursing She is studying to become a nursing assistant.
  • Pausing I am pausing the movie to grab some popcorn.
  • Pursing Pursing for a breath, she choked on the sudden sob.
  • reusing I am passionate about sustainability and strive to reduce my environmental impact by reusing items whenever possible.
  • rousing The rousing speech from the coach inspired the team to give it their all on the field.
  • sing
  • sousing After using the sousing, I felt refreshed.
  • Suing He is suing his employer for wrongful termination.
  • using I'm using this computer to do my homework.

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