How to spell KELOID correctly?

We think the word keloid is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell keloid correctly

  • becloud But a thousand circumstances in life conspire to disappoint his hopes and becloud his prospects, till he flees from his post, and is found far away under the juniper-tree in the wilderness.
  • clod Milk alone, after it loses its animal heat, is a clod, and begets torpidity of the brain; the berries lighten it, give wings to it, and one is fed as by the air he breathes or the water he drinks.
  • cloud The cloud has rolled away.
  • colloid Nevertheless, such is the compound which has come to stay as the basis of all smokeless powders; and any smokeless powder, if a successful one, may be counted upon as being made of this compound of gun-cotton and nitro-glycerine, or of a colloid of gun-cotton, either alone or combined with diluents, oxygen-bearing salts, or inert matter.
  • elide
  • geld I cannot afford to waste any more money on that foolishness, I need to get some geld to fix things up.
  • gelid
  • held He was holding her hands tightly.
  • jelled
  • jellied I had a jelly on my toast.
  • kali
  • keeled
  • kelly
  • kelp I was lucky enough to find a kelp plugin for my photo editing software.
  • kid He was playing with his kids in the yard.
  • kilo This is a kilo of sugar.
  • klein I'm not very impressed with Klein's work.
  • lid The lid of the pot was tightly sealed.
  • lloyd Lloyd is an interesting name.
  • load
  • lord
  • loud
  • meld She melds into the background and I'm left staring.
  • melody The melody in her song entranced me.
  • plod
  • reload Can you reload the gun?
  • solid I hear you like your coffee solid.
  • veld I can see the grassy veld in thedistance.
  • weld Welding is a very important part of many construction projects.
  • Belied So the subject was left, and when the suggestion of departing from Bridetown came to Abel, he belied the prophecy of Mr. Churchouse and declared a strong objection to the thought of going.
  • Killed I was killed by a shark.
  • Relaid The McKinnon house had been in the family for three generations, but it was time for a new Relaid.
  • Relied
  • Slid I slid my foot back and kicked his shin.
  • Khalid
  • Loyd I can't believe that Lloyd is leaving today.
  • Kellie My sister's best friend is Kellie.
  • Kelli
  • gelled
  • laid The flowers were laid out in a vase on the table.

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  • crudity
  • crusty
  • curiosity
  • curious
  • curiously
  • ferocity