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How to spell KEPED correctly?

Possible suggestions for the misspelling "keped" could be "kept", "keypad", "keeled", "keeper" or "kept". It is important to consider the context in which the word is being used in order to determine the correct spelling and meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell keped correctly

  • Aped The child aped his father's actions.
  • beeped I beeped my horn and they pulled over.
  • CAPED The superhero donned his caped costume before soaring across the city to save the day.
  • Coped Despite the challenging circumstances, she successfully coped with the pressure and completed the task.
  • Gaped I gaped at the creature as it perched atop the fallen tree.
  • Geed The Geed man is considered to be the strongest man in the world.
  • heaped The plates were heaped with food at Thanksgiving dinner.
  • japed
  • keeled
  • keened The woman keened with grief over the loss of her loved one.
  • keep
  • keeper The treasure was hidden in a secret location by its keeper.
  • Kenned Kenned is a capital of the Cayman Islands.
  • kepi The French police officer wore a blue kepi with a golden emblem on the front.
  • kepler Kepler's laws of planetary motion revolutionized our understanding of the universe.
  • kept I kept my promise to pick up the slack.
  • keyed Anna locked the door with a keyed lock.
  • keypad I need to enter the code on the keypad to unlock the door.
  • Leaped The athlete leaped over the hurdle and sprinted towards the finish line.
  • OPED
  • Peeped I peeped through the keyhole and saw her pick up the candy bars.
  • pepped You should always be pepped up for your big day.
  • Reaped Tom reaped the fallen wheat with a pitchfork.
  • seeped The soil seeped through the cracks in the paving.
  • Sped The car sped away from the police.

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